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chicken and pasta

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Q: What foods are good to eat before hockey sports?
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What foods are good to eat before basketball sports?

good foods

What exactly are sports quotes?

Sports quotes are quotations about sports. For example A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. J&RWayne Gretzky

Is it good to have caffeine before you participate in a sports event?

No it is not good to have caffeine before a sports event

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

What is the favorite sports in Pakistan?

Their favorite sport is probably Hockey and Cricket since they are all very good at these sports!

What is some really good sports nutrition?

Some good nutrition for sports is to drink lots of water before, during and after an activity. Eat a balance meal that contains fruits, vegetables, meats and some fats. It's best to stick with whole foods versus processed "health" foods.

Where to find the best hockey sticks for sale?

You should research the sticks online before buying them. There are several good, strong hockey sticks available online. Also, check Sports Authority and speak with the employees there, They are normally experienced.

Where can I get good used hockey equipment?

Here a some links for some great sports hockey euipment

What sports does Emma Watson play?

Emma Watson playes and is good at field hockey!

Does Maine have a major collage sports team?

The University of Maine has a pretty good hockey team.

What sports are Australia good at?

We are good at cricket, rugby, AFL and hockey :) I'm sure I'm missing a few but they are what we mainly dominate in

Examples of sports lingo?

In Hockey (mainly): Duster- someone who is terrible. Wheeling-being very good.

What sports are Americans good at that other countries aren't?

Hockey mainly and obviously baseball but they are not bad at football!

Is the hockey news magazine good?

Yes, if Hockey is your favorite sports, you will definitely love Hockey News Magazine. It not only gives an insight into NHL, but also the world of Hockey. The Hockey News has provided the most comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey since 1947 and is published 30 times a year.

How does vitamins related to a sports performer?

Vitamins help sports performers. They are good for them before they play. For example, a lot of sports performers drink gatorade, powerade, etc. They all have vitamins and minerals that are good to have before they perform. Vitamins are good or anyone.

What kind of sports do people from Vancouver Canada play?

A good amount of people from Vancouver play ice hockey.

What sports are played in British Columbia?

They have a good hockey team,mediocre football team, and now a soccer team.

Why is steroids not good before sports?

It can make you weak before games/competitions

What are some great quotes from the greatest sports figures?

Personally hockey is my favorite sport, and the great Wayne Gretzky once said "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."

What sports do people play in India?

Cricket is massive in India, but there are also a lot of good hockey players. There are a few good Indian golfers also.

What are good sports for girls?

Soccer, gymnastics, hockey/field hockey, ice skating, basketball, and almost any other sport other than football. Well I think girls can play any sports that they want to. EVEN FOOTBALL.

Why sports are good for you?

All sports are good for you, but some do have a high risk of injuries. here are some good, healthy sports, in my opinion. soccer hockey baseball football basketball volleyball

Where can one purchase Warrior hockey sticks?

Any good sports shop will most likely sell this brand - it is reputed to be one of the best in this area. Such shops may include Sports Direct and JJB Sports.

How good is Boston for sports lovers?

Well... that all depends on the type of sports you like. If you are a hockey or baseball fan, then it's a good city for you. Although, if you are a fan of soccer then I wouldn't go there.

What are good sports teams in Germany?

The German world junior hockey team is pretty good. They'll be playing in the Top Division of the 2014 World Juniors.