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most likely junky fatty salty kind of foods

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Q: What foods are banned before and at the Olympics?
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Who banned the Olympics games and when were they banned?

it has never been banned

Which emparore baned the Olympics in AD394?

theodorsius banned the olympics

Is ginseng banned in the Olympics?


Which country competed in the 2004 summer Olympics but has been banned from the current Olympic games?

The country Iraq was banned from the Olympics in the year of 2008.

Roman Emperor who banned the Olympics in ad 394?

The roman emperor in 394 was Theodosius I who banned and persecuted anything which was not Christian. The Olympics, long with all pagan temples were either banned or destroyed and the pagans persecuted.

Why were the professional athletes banned from the Olympics?


When did the Olympics restart after they were banned by the emperor?


What was banned in 393 AD as it was considered an unholy ritual by the Romans?

The Olympics were banned in that year by the emperor Theodosius

Why were the ancient Olympics games banned?

Ally emit

What country that was banned in the 2000 summer Olympics had a female flag bearer in the 2004 summer Olympics?

It was Afghanistan.

Were africans banned from the 1976 Olympics?

No. Several African countries chose to boycott the 1976 games, but they weren't banned.Unless you mean South Africans, who were banned from the Olympics for several decades including in 1976.

What roman emperor banned olympic games in ad 394?

what roman emporer who got banned from the Olympics in 394

Who banned the Ancient Olympics?

john sr ...

How many athletes were banned from the Beijing 2008 Olympics?


Which roman banned the Olympics games in ad 393?

an emperor

Should junk foods be banned for child health?

Not quite banned they should just be reduced...

Why were the Olympics banned in 393?

The Olympics were banned in 393 AD by the Roman Emperor Theodosius. At that time, Christianity was the religion of the Roman Empire. The Emperor saw the Olympic Games as a pagan celebration in honor of pagan gods.

Is Iraq banned from the 2008 Olympics?

No, Iraq sent 4 athletes to participate in Bejing. Yes, it was announced that Iraq would be banned.

What were Chazz and Jimmy banned from In the 2007 movie Blades of Glory?

the Olympics

Roman emperor who banned the Olympics games in ad 390?

Theodosius I

Is there a limit in E. coli in foods or it is completely banned?


Should salt be banned from processed food?

no, salt should not be banned from foods because the salt gives it flavour

Why were fast skin suits banned from the Olympics?

It destroyed mens sperm count

Who is the Australian swimmer that has been banned from competing at the Beijing Olympics?

Nick D'Arcy.

Who has been banned from competition from the Olympics because of performance enhancing drugs?