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Strawberries and cream

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Q: What food is famous for being eaten at Wimbledon?
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What food is traditionally eaten at the Wimbledon tennis championships?


What food is served at Wimbledon?

It is famous for expensive strawberries and cream.

What kinds of food is being eaten on London?


What food is eaten when Ramadan is being celebrated?

HALAL food meaning food without gelatin

What are the features of a food chain?

Grass is eaten by a goat. It is then eaten by a tiger.In this process of eating and being eaten,various organisms form a chain. This chain is called food chain.

What is the most famous food in Netherlands?

The most famous food in Holland is cheese, another famous food is 'hagel slag' this is traditionally eaten on toast is similar to 100 and 1000s but only chocolate.

What is the famous food in Canada?

The famous food in Canada includes maple syrup, bacon and poutine. This type of food is commonly eaten even without any special occasion.

What does the African animal food chain looks like?

In Africa, the animal food chain includes the zebra and gazelle being eaten by lions and vultures. Crickets are eaten by frogs, that are eaten by hawks.

Is rice the famous food in France?

No rice is not a famous food . Rice is though quite commonly eaten in France and is an important crop in the Rhône delta or Camargue.

How much Food is eaten per year?

There are millions of pounds of food eaten per year. The exact number depends on the exact location being studied.

Why are some food items are cooked before being eaten?

some food items are cooked as all of the food items cannot be eaten raw and taste bad without being cooked and we also cook to make our food tasty and delicious to eat

What is animals food chain?

A food chain is a series of relationships where one being feeds off another. Some insects are eaten by birds, which are eaten by small predators, which are in turn eaten by larger predators.

Does the Space Shuttle have a kitchen?

No, it stores food which is hydrated before being eaten.

What is the answer for the chain of eating and being eaten?

I think you're referring to 'the food chain'

Can you get snacks at Wimbledon Center Court?

Although nobody sells food in the stands on Center Court at Wimbledon, spectators are permitted to bring food in from the grounds' restaurants and food kiosks. The same is true for the other courts at Wimbledon.

What is served as tradition at Wimbledon?

Most people accept Strawberries and Cream as the traditional food for Wimbledon.

What is the food eaten of milk fish?

what food eaten of milkfish

What food is california famous for?

A lot of Mexican food is eaten in California. Foods that California are famous for would be figs, cob salad, avocados, walnuts, garlic and style pizza.

What is an animals food chain?

A food chain is a series of relationships where one being feeds off another. Some insects are eaten by birds, which are eaten by small predators, which are in turn eaten by larger predators.

What is the Series of steps in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten?

Food Chain.

Where does a detritus fit in the food web?

Right at the bottom, being eaten by decomposers such as worms.

What way do arrows go in a food chain?

left generally its about the animal that is being eaten

How do things become extinct?

Animals become extinct in many ways. One way is that that animals food was being eaten and there wouldn't be enough of that food left for it. Another, is that that animal is being eaten by other animals and it is being wiped off the face of the earth.

Other than seafood what is a famous French food?

Frogs legs are eaten all over France.

What food are eaten on Bastille day?

What food are eaten on Bastille day