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Q: What font is used on the North Carolina Basketball Jerseys?
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What font is used in the Oklahoma state basketball jersey?

The Oklahoma state basketball team nicknamed the Cowboys wear jerseys of black and orange. The font on their jerseys is Arabic.

What font style do the Florida gators men use on their basketball jerseys?

Hello friend. The font style that was used for Florida Gators Men Basketball Jerseys is Demonized. Hope this would help you. Good day.

What is the size of a number on the back of baseball jerseys?

It depends on the type of font the team uses on their jerseys

What font do the LA Kings use on their jerseys?

Comic Sans

Which font is used for the jerseys of the New Orleans Saints?

The font is called Solemnity, authored by Sharkshock fonts.

What font is used on Syracuse's basketball jersey?

It is a Nike font (Ithaca).

What font is used on the Chicago Blackhawks jerseys both number and name?

a nice one

What font is used for Philadelphia Eagles jersey numbers?

Shadow black consend is the highest based font used for the Philadelpha Eagles jerseys

What is the Arizona Wildcats basketball font?


What is the font used for the Toronto raptors logo?

The new Raptor's logo features font from the team's old jerseys. They got new ones for their 20th anniversary.

What is the font used on the back of the Texas Rangers jerseys?

It is Thunderbird SB. See the link below.The font is NOT thunderbird SB. I am not sure of what it is, but Thunderbird is not really even close.

Where can you get cheap authentic jerseys?

Hi! mainly sell authentic jerseys there are some some sites which sell other versions. you can choose your name and number and font. In web:

What is the font of the Boston Celtics jersey?

The word Celtics and the players number. I dont know the font of boston celtic jersey.but I sale cheap nba jerseys.

What font is used in the US basketball team logo?

arial black

What font do the Oregon state used in their basketball jersey logo?

arabic ,,/,,

What font do the Los Angeles Lakers use?

most professional sports teams use customized fonts. otherwise people could download the font and make and sell lakers jerseys and other merchandise illegally.

What font is used in the US basketball DREAM team logo?

The US basketball DREAM logo uses a custom font called TS2. It was custom made for this logo and therefore may not be able to be used for personal typing and other logos.

What is the font name use in the basketball jersey of st Patrick high school NJ?


What is the Detroit Tigers font. Not the old English D but the other used for the Detroit part of their away jersey?

The D on the away jerseys of the Detroit Tigers is a regular English D.

What cursive font is used for the University of Indiana basketball Warm Up Uniforms?

there is no such school as University of Indiana. Only Indiana University

What font do the LA Dodgers use on their jerseys?

"Casey" font seems VERY similar, even includes all the swashes for MANY of the baseball logos. The downside is its not free. It costs about $39 (at the time of this answer). There is another free one, but you have to make your own swoosh. It is called Baseball Weiner. You can do a search and its a free download.

How do you type HTML color font?

<font color="white">TEXT</font> or, <font color="#FFFFFF">TEXT</font>

What is a font group?

A font is how text looks. A font group is a group of letters that have the same font.

Html code for font size?

<font size="#"></font>

What is it called when a font has curved or extended edges?

A font with the little marks at the ends of the lines is a "serif" font. One such font is Times. A font without the marks is a "sans serif" font. One such font is Helvetica.