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There are many different fonts used for different teams. There is no standardised font for numbers or names.

However, there are examples of fonts in the "Related Links" section

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Q: What font is used on soccer jersey numbers?
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What font is used for the Cleveland Browns jersey numbers?


What font is used for the numbers on the back of the all blacks jersey?


What font is used for Manchester united jersey numbers?


What font used on the detroit tiger jersey?

PERCIVAL in tiger font

Famous colombian soccer player jersey numbers?

Carlos Valderrama used to wear the No. 10 shirt.

What font is used in Memphis grizzlies jersey?

The font that is used on this jersey is Futura Condensed. It was picked out by the marketing department for this group to make the name more recognizable.

What font is used by the Cincinnati Reds on their jersey in 2007?

What is the font for the Cincinnati reds logo

What font is used on the New Jersey devils website in the Jersey's team logo?

demonized and century gothic.

What font is used for Cleveland cavaliers jersey?

Big Noodle Titling

What font is used for the numbers on the 1968 Oakland Athletics uniform?

Those fonts were the standard baseball fonts throughout the early 30's and 40's. Join in the forum section. there is a thread there where almost every MLB font can be downloaded, including the RedSox front jersey letters. The back name letters and Numerals are also available. the font for the numbers is MLB RedSox, for the Front of jersey script, it is MLB Tuscan.

What font is the College football part of the ESPN College Football shield logo?

They likely used Jersey Letters font or similar.

Can the number 0 be used on a football soccer jersey?

It is possible to have the number zero on a soccer jersey, but must be formatted so that there are two zeroes like this: 00. It just has to be different from other numbers, and it must not exceed two digits.