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Q: What font is used for the B in Red sox logo?
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What is the Chicago White Sox font?

you can download any old English font and you will have it you can download any old English font and you will have it

Who designed the Red Sox logo?

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Where does the idea for the logo of Boston Red Sox come from?

The first Boston Red Sox logo was created in 1908. It was a single red sock with the word "Boston" on it. Over the years the logo has changed 9 times until it morphed into the current pair of red socks.

What font do the Oakland Athletics use?

If you are looking for the "A". Look at these links: Blackletter, also known as Gothic script or Gothic minuscule, was a script used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to 1500. It continued to be used for the German language until the twentieth century. If not mistaken, Textur is specific script you want, take a look under the Textur column at the capital A. If this is not it, it is pretty darn close Good Luck!

Who invented the Red Sox logo and have they ever had a different logo?

They've had a few. Check out to see most of them.

What is the font for the Boston Red Sox?

You can download it here

What font does Boston Red Sox use on their hats?

Bosox, it can be downloaded on websites online, i have already done it myself.

What font is used for the numbers on the 1968 Oakland Athletics uniform?

Those fonts were the standard baseball fonts throughout the early 30's and 40's. Join in the forum section. there is a thread there where almost every MLB font can be downloaded, including the RedSox front jersey letters. The back name letters and Numerals are also available. the font for the numbers is MLB RedSox, for the Front of jersey script, it is MLB Tuscan.

Are the Red Sox changing their logos?

Yes, today, Thursday December 11 they are unveiling their new logo!

What does the Red Sox symbol look like?

its two red sox back to back in front of a baseball

What was the Red Sox old team name?

The Boston Red Sox used to be called the Boston Braves.

What is the team logo for the Red Sox?

(going inwards) A red circle, then the team name, then a baseball, then inside the baseball two red socks hanging.See the related link for an image.