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The "C" logo is an illustration, not a font.

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Q: What font is the C for the Chicago Bears logo?
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What does the c logo mean for the bears?


What is the Chicago Bears logo?

A Specific Type of "C"

When did the C first appear on Chicago Bears helmets?

The Bears 'C' logo first appeared on the helmets in 1962

When was the Bears logo created?

The Chicago Bears football team used to practice at Carroll College, now called Carroll University, in Wausheka, WI. The Bears bought the "C" logo from the college, made it a bit smaller and patented it. They began using the "C" logo in 1962.

Who had their logo first the Chicago Bears or the Cincinnati Reds?

The Reds. According to Wikipedia, a logo very similar in shape to today's Reds logo debuted in 1915, while the Bears' current and similar "C" logo was introduced in 1962. Although the University of Chicago had it first in 1898.

What is on the Chicago Bears logo?

The first logo for the Chicago Bears was a black bear on a football. In 1962 the team introduced the current logo "C". It was originally white and in 1974 they decided to keep the wishbone shaped "C" and had colored it burnt orange with white trim. The team colors are Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, and White.

What does the C stand for On the Chicago Bears Helmets?


Which team logo uses only one shape in their logo?

the Chicago cubs (the c on their hats at least)

What sports team has a logo with a blue and grey C with an axe in the middle of the C?

Chicago Blackhawks

Bear and eagle logo?

in the nfl: bears is an orange c eagles is a green eagle head

In The Sandlot what does the C on the hat that Benny gives to Smalls stand for?

Chicago bears

What color is a Chicago Bears hat?

"A Chicago Bears hat is designed with the official colors of the Chicago Bears football team. The hats are navy blue, orange, and white. They usually are embellished with an orange 'C' outlined in white on the front of the hat."

Where did the c logo come from on Chicago Bears uniform?

The Bears "C" logo actually came from my College. CARROLL COLLEGE, now called CARROLL UNIVERSITY was established in 1864, making it one of the oldest schools in the Mid-west. The Chicago Bears came to CC and bought the logo from Carroll. They made their changes by condensing the "C" to make it a tad bit smaller. Patented it, and made it their own. The reason I know this is because I played football for Carroll for 4 years from 2004-2008 and it was something all the BEARS fans and Chicago natives prided themselves on when all the stingy packer fans gave us a hard time! Carroll College was founded in 1846. The Bears practiced on the school's field in the mid 1940's. There's an old story of a family touring the school, when the father saw the Bear's practicing on the school's field he commented, " That's the best college team I've ever seen." The rumor goes that the Bears payed the school $200 dollars for the logo, however, it's never been verified. But, there is a connection between the Bear's and Carroll.....

Font in saatchi logo?

It's called M&C Saatchi Grot, created especially for the agency, it's used on all communications.

Are the colors of the Chicago Bears helmets blue or black?

they are dark blue and they have an orange C on it too.

What is the address of the Chicago Bears football team?

Try the following information: c/o Chicago Bears Halas Hall 1000 Football Dr. Lake Forest, IL 60045-4829 USA

Can you change the font color on Neopets?

Yes. Here is the coding. <font c="color"></font>

Hockey captain logo?

The hockey captain logo is a "C"

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

What does the 1930's Chicago Cubs logo look like?

I think it's an actual Cub as opposed to the "C" that's used now.

What can you tell us about the Chicago Cubs' Jerseys?

One thing about Chicago Cubs' jerseys is that they are mainly white with a red C as the logo. They also have different jerseys for home games and away games.

What logo has a red c and black h?

Carolina Herrera has this logo.

What company has a logo of a c and an o?

If your talking about the logo's quiz its canon

What logo has a black c and a red h?

Carolina Herrera has this logo.

What logo has a blue triangle with a yellow c and mermaid?

The logo with a blue triangle and yellow c and mermaid is Cressi.