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leg muscles and speed

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Q: What fitness requirements is needed for athletics in high jump?
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If you achieve a fitness rating you probably are at the level of fitness needed to live a full healthy life?

high fitness rating

Is a college degree needed for security officer jobs?

No, a college degree is not needed for security officer jobs. However, a high school education, a strong command of the English language, strong physical fitness, and strong reasoning skills are all requirements.

What level of fitness do referees need?

The referees need a very high level of fitness, as they have to run around for over 90 minutes, they need very good eyes as well and stamina to.

What. Are the requirements to join the police training academy?

High School Diploma/GED, pass physical fitness exam

What subject requirements are needed to from high school to start dermatology?


Why would you need fitness requirements for football?

because you need to maintain a high level of stamina and performance throughout the game

What courses are needed to become a fitness instructor?

Commonly a High School diploma, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) are needed. There's a also the Fitness Instructors Knowledge Assessment (FIKA) which is not mandatory but very common.

Are there requirements needed in high school dealing with Photography before you can be able to go to a college for Photography?

no there is not

Is high school needed for modeling?

No. There are no educational requirements necessary for people that want to pursue modeling.

What could you become from doing pe in college?

If you were to do PE, or Physical Education, in college you could teach fitness classes. With a masters you can teach at a college or you can teach athletics in high school with a BS.

What components of fitness are needed for discus?

high endurance level power agility coordination muscular endurance By; NAMETSO OTUKILE

What educational requirements are needed for Administration Jobs?

The educational requirements needed for administration jobs varies depending on the exact nature of the job. All will require a high school diploma. Some will require a bachelors degree though not all of them.