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Coordination, reaction time, muscular strength, speed and balance. Hope it helps!

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Q: What fitness components are needed in goalkeeper football?
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What are the fitness components for touch football?

The main 5 Fitness components needed for Touch football are; Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Speed, Agility and Co-ordination.

What fitness components must you have for football and why?

The main components needed for football are speed, stamina, muscular power and flexibility. Speed is needed to get away from your defender or to catch up to the attacker. Stamina is needed so that you can run around a lot and not get so tired. Muscular power is needed to get above the defenders to make a header or to get possession. Flexibility is needed when you're a goalkeeper to dive and jump.

What are the components needed for football or netball?

As with most team sports, there are many components of fitness that are important for success in football (soccer). In football, aerobic fitness is one of the most important attributes, closely followed by anaerobic fitness (running speed and repeat sprint ability) and agility

What fitness components are needed in cricket?

there are a number of fitness components which are required in cricket, these include: * * * * * * * *

What are two components of skill related fitness?

health relatedv fitness components are those that are needed in every day life]

What components of fitness is needed for a long distance runner?

You are very gross

What are the fitness components for swimming and why are they needed?

you have to work out very much to be fit!

Why is co-ordination needed in football?

Coordination is one of the components of fitness that is needed in football. Coordinationis the ability to use the sense and body parts in order to perform an act accurately. This is probably the most important component of fitness. If you are not good at it, this mean that you wouldn't be able to do the simple skills such as passing the ball, dribbling or shooting.

What are the fitness components of a center in touch football?

Centre is the Middle but with a different name but it still does the same things. 1. aerobic capacity 2.coordination 3.speed These are the fitness components that are needed to play as the middle or centre position. From Robyn Bagita. Find me on Facebook at

What fitness components are needed to become a AFL player?

cercle shoot dunk layup

What are the physical fitness components needed for swimming and why?

Body composition. muscular endurance

What fitness components are needed for rugby league centre?

Strength, Muscle and abit of Speed

What components of fitness are needed for shuttle runs?

a shuttle and a place to run :P pownage

What components of fitness are needed in basketball?

Power, strength, balance, agility, co-ordination, stamina (cardio vascular endurance), reaction time, speed, and flexibility are the components of fitness in basketball.

What fitness components are needed for rugby league?

According to 1. Aerobic Fitness 2. Anaerobic Fitness 3. Muscle Endurance, Strength, Power 4. Agility

What are the importance of hrf and its components to family and fitness?

it is impotant because it will be needed to accompolished the daily task of the family

What components of fitness do you need in archery?

The main things needed for archery which are health related are muscular endurance, muscular strength and coordination. The important skill related fitness components are balance, reaction time and flexibility.

What fitness components needed in high jump?

The components that are needed in the high jump are flexibility, speed, power, body composition, agility, balance, co-ordination strength and reaction time. These are also very important components that you will need for netball.

What fitness components are needed in snooker?

Coordination is needed in Snooker. flexability, balance and power are also slightly used

What are the differences between health and skill related components of fitness?

Health-related fitness components are those that are needed in everyday life, for example, strength is needed to lift bags and get out of bed. Whereas skill-related fitness components are specifically related to sport. For example, agility is needed to dodge opposition in rugby.The Health-related fitness components are:cardiovascular fitness/stamina, strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and body composition.The Skill-related fitness components are:speed, reaction time, agility, balance, coordination and power(Health related physical fitness helps you stay healthy, while skill related physical fitness help you perform well in sports and activities that require certain skills)Health related fitness can be any part of your body getting healthy, such as loosing weight. In order to excersise well you need skill related fitness once you have that then you go to health related then to phyisical. it simple skill+health=physical fitnessrelationship between health and fitness:Skill related fitness comprises of components such as agility, balance, coordination, power, speed, and reaction time. Skill related fitness is the ability to perform efficiently in sports, daily activities, and work-related activitiesHealth-related fitness focuses on the health, while skill-related fitness focuses on the performanc in a sport. Skill related fitness is very important if you are competing in sporting activities.good health

What fitness components are needed in tennis?

in tennis you need to be extra fit and strong as you will have to hit the ball hard and you need to run around alot.

What components of fitness must you have for trampolining?

muscular strength, power, balance, flexibility, coordination, reaction-time and technique are all needed for trampolining

What components of fitness are needed for discus?

high endurance level power agility coordination muscular endurance By; NAMETSO OTUKILE

Why would you be a goalkeeper?

goalkeepers are basically needed to stop shots .

What physical components are needed to excel in football?

strength speed body composition power muscular endurance by Spencer wakeman