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stars thing, world championships, us championships, world figure skating champions, international skating union, European figure skating championships, four continents figure skating championships, world synchronized skating championships, world junior figure skating championships, figure skating at the Olympics duh, winter olympic games, grand prix final, trophee Eric bompard (french i think), Skate Canada, skate America, cup of Russia, nations cup, Finlanda trophy, junior grand prix, Sweden, gardena spring trophy, pacific coast sectionals and southwest pacific regionals.

entering all these cost a fortune

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Q: What figure skating competitions are there?
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When do figure skating competitions start?


What year was figure skating created?

Forms of figure skating date back to prehistoric times. Figure skating competitions began in the 9th century.

Do you have to sign up for figure skating competitions?

Of course! :)

What Winter Olympics competitions did you watch?

hockey, figure skating

When was figure skating first played?

Figure skating started around 3000 BC. Figure skating competitions were first played in Europe in 1891. World figure skating started in 1896.

Where was the 2010 Olympics figure skating competitions held?

The Pacific Coliseum.

Where was figure skating first played?

Figure skating isn't "PLAYED" we compete in competitions. the first competition was in Thunder-Bay Ontario. biggest city in northwestern ontario.

What does ISI stand for in figure skating?

ISI stands for Ice Skating Institute. ISI is a figure skating association that focuses on the more recreational aspects of figure skating, yet still holds many local and national competitions, as well as learn-to-skate programs.

What season is figure skating played?

Competitions are usually in the winter, but you can train all year 'round.

Can you still compete in figure skating competitions in Canada if your older than 18?

Yes, but only as an adult.

How can you get to the Youth Winter Olympics in figure skating?

you have to qualify at national junior competitions and place i the top 3

Are there rules in figure skating?

yes, in competitions and tests there are rules. like when you are start or finish your program you can't be laying/on the ice

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