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Q: What fighting style can kill you instantly?
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How did bowulf die?

As he was fighting a dragon, it poisoned him, they poison did not kill him instantly, so he died shortly after killing the dragon

Would a shotgun shot to the heart kill instantly?

Yes, a shotgun blast to the heart would kill instantly.

What is bokator?

Bokator is an old fighting style that is before muay thai.Their weapon is a belt .It can choke and disable weapons and can kill .

How do you use the word instantly in a sentence?

I instantly shot an arrow at the person who was about to kill me.

What is violet's fighting style from Tekken 4?

Violet's fighting style exactly is Lee Chaolan fighting style because Lee needed a disguise for some reason.

Can solar wind kill you instantly?

Not at this distance. If you get close enough to the Sun for it to be able to kill you instantly, you would already be dead from the Sun's heat anyway.

What style or styles of fighting used in bourne?

the style of fighting used in the bourne movies is called kali

What 2 fighting styles is drew mcintyre?

Ring style fighting style using the ring has a tag team partner combined with old school young Triple H fighting style.

How can snails get dead?

put salt on them, it will kill them instantly!!

How can nuclear bombs instantly kill you?

Because it releases radiation and a lot of it and it doesn't kill you instantly but you are more than likely to die from it unless you weren't right near it.

Can a tiger snake bite kill you instantly?

Yes it can. It takes 20 seconds to kill you

What fighting style does Niko use in GTA IV?

he jst uses the free style street fighting style........same as jonny n luis does in EFLC.......