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Q: What fifteen players for Mayo start on the senior team?
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Who were 2 players put off in 1996 All Ireland senior football final replay?

Liam McHale from Mayo and Colm Coyle from Meath.

Who is the manager of the Co Mayo team?

James Horan is the current manager of the Mayo senior team. (August 2012)

When was the last time Mayo won the All Ireland?

They have lost 12 All-Ireland senior football finals: Mayo lost to Wexford in 1916 Mayo lost to Dublin in 1921 Mayo lost to Galway in 1925 Mayo lost to Kerry in 1932 Mayo lost to Cavan in 1948 Mayo lost to Cork in 1989 Mayo lost to Meath in 1996 Mayo lost to Kerry in 1997 Mayo lost to Kerry in 2004 Mayo lost to Kerry in 2006 Mayo lost to Donegal in 2012 Mayo lost to Dublin in 2013

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Do you mean Henry mayo :P? please be more specific ?

When did the Battle of Cinco de Mayo start?

Literally, on cinco de Mayo (May 5th). The year was 1862.

Who is alive from the 1951 Mayo team?

As of the 31st of January 2016, Paddy Prendergast and Padraig Carney are the only remaining players alive.

What did mayo clinic start?

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss & lifestyle program that was designed by the experts at the Mayo Clinic. The purpose is to help you lose weight by teaching healthy eating and habits to develop and healthy lifestyle.

Who won all Ireland football final in 1996?

Meath beat Mayo in the 1996 All-Ireland Senior Football Final replay on Sunday September 29th. The final score was: Meath 2 - 9 (15) Mayo 1 - 11 (14) The drawn match on September 15th finished: Meath 0 - 12 (12) Mayo 1 - 9 (12)

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Who are the current connaught senior football champions?

As at the time of answering the question, 29th of January 2012, the Connaught champions are Mayo, having won the 2011 Connaught Football Championship in July 2011.

What year did cinco de mayo start?

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