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Q: What fertile valley will Jeff Gordon fly over going to Phoenix Arizona?
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How far is paradise valley Arizona from Phoenix Arizona?

The City of Paradise Valley borders Phoenix, Arizona to west and Scottsdale, Arizona to the south and east. Since they are bordering cities, at their closest point, the distance between Phoenix and Paradise Valley is 0 miles. * The distance between city-centers -- Central Phoenix to Paradise Valley is approximately 14 miles; * at their furthest points -- the southwestern edge of Phoenix to the northeastern edge of Paradise Valley is approximately 31 miles; * the distance from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Paradise Valley is 9.5 miles.

Are there any Nicknames or titles for phoenix Arizona?

The Valley of the Sun.

What are the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona?

Vail, Corona, Marana, Green Valley, Oro Valley

How far is Simi Valley California to Phoenix Arizona?

It is 412 miles.

When was Phoenix Marie born?

Phoenix Marie was born on September 21, 1981, in Golden Valley, Arizona, USA.

When did Gordon Evans die?

Gordon Evans died on March 14, 2008, in Golden Valley, Arizona, USA.

When did Gordon McDonell die?

Gordon McDonell died on December 16, 1995, in Green Valley, Arizona, USA.

How many miles is it between Phoenix Arizona and Chino Valley Arizona?

It is 527 miles according to Google Maps.

Where is Ocotillo Arizona?

Ocotillo is a masterplanned community located in Chandler, Arizona, in the East Valley areas of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Which Arizona city is closest to California?

Mohave Valley, across the state border.

Why is phoenix Arizona called the valley of the sun?

i believe its in a desert but im looking it up now

What is the distance from Phoenix Arizona to Napa Valley California?

Napa is 768.64 miles according to MapQuest.