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Q: What female country singer married a famous football player?
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What country female country singer married another female?

sherry white

Is kelly smith married?

No....she concentrates on her football and studying. She has several close female friends

Famous female country music singers?

Taylor swift

What female country singer recently got married?

Taylor swift

Can a male to female transgender get married?

Of course they can! No matter who you are you may get married, but make sure it is legal in your country.

Who is the most famous female footballplayer?

the one that is the best player in the team or ur favorite teamor u can look it up in maybe u can go to www.ask.combut there is no female NFL famous football playerstheir might be some in your local townSome day there will NFL female football players\not now

Which female and male country singers are married couples?

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Who is country singer Tim McGraw married to?

The country singer Tim McGraw is married to a female country singer Faith Hill. Tim McGraw is the third best-selling country singer and has won multiple awards.

What are the wages of female football players?

There has yet to be a professional female football player.

What is the name of the female country artist from the 80's that married a soap star?

from the seventies you had charlie mcclain married to a soap star named ferguson? Actually it was female country singer Charly McClain who married soap star Wayne Massey in July/84. He played Johnny Drummond on OLTL.....

Does a woman become a queen at marriage or during child birth?

She is princess until she's married then she's queen No, being a queen for a human woman means being the female ruler of a country, not just being married or having children. A female cat is called a queen, but a female human is just a woman, unless she is the female ruler of a country.

Who are famous female Gaelic football players?

Cora Staunton from Mayo is probably one of the most well known Ladies Gaelic Football players, as is Briege Corkery from Cork.

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