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The players who wore jersey number 23 are David Beckham, Jammie Carragher and Andrey Arshavin all are famous footballers.

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Q: What famous soccer players wore 23?
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What famous soccer players wears number 23?

Andrey Arshavin . . . David Beckham

What famous college basketball players wore 23?

Vince Carter Michael Jordan

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 23?

David Beckham with the Galaxy. It's all over his car too.

What professional basketball players wore 23?

LeBron James

What NBA players who wore number 23?

LeBron James

What soccer players wear number 23?

Jamie Carragher.

How many Australian players have played soccer in England?


What famous soccer players wear number 23?

Andrey Arshavin . . . David Beckham

Who are all the NFL players who wore the number 23 on their jersey?

Troy Vincent is one NFL player who wore the number 23 on his jersey. Other players who wore number 23 include Reggie Bush, Mark Barren, Jack Larscheid, Hank Rivera, Bo Dickenson, Rod Sherman, Charlie Smith, and Tracy Porter.

What Alabama football players wore number 23 and 4?

Jabrill washin

What players wore the number 23 for the mets?

Jason Phillips and brian schneider

What famous basketball players wore number 49?

corning manning i hostesty think that Michel jordon was going to get that number but they made a mistake and gave him the honoring number 23

Which soccer players wear the number 23?

That's David Beckam's number..

Which former New York Yankees wore uniform number 23?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #23 for the Yankees.

Which nba players wear number 23?

Michael Jordan wore it, that's why it's very famous. LeBron James wore it in the 2009-10 season, but he's changing it to 6 in the 2010-11 season. Marcus Camby, a player for the Portland Trail Blazers wears the number 23 as his jersey as well, most NBA players wear that number in honor of Michael Jordan because he made that jersey number famous in basketball.

What famous football player wore 23 for Notre Dame?

23 Golden Tate

How many players are allowed on a World Cup soccer roster?

Not a roster,it is a squad and it is 23.

What is the age limit for mens soccer players in Olympic Games?

The national teams are limited to players under 23 years of age, with three slots available for veterans 23 or older.

How many on a soccer pitch?

11 players on each team plus a referee - so 23

What is the maximum age limit for the olympic soccer players?

I believe it is 23 years old and younger.

What famous baseball players were number 23?

Michael Jordan

Soccer players with jersey number 23?

It is worn by Andreiy Arshavin, the Russian footballer who plays at Arsenal.

Who are the famous cricketers that wore number23?

Spin legend Shane Warne and current Australia skipper Michael Clarke wore (wear) the number 23 jersey.

What athletes wore the number 23?

Michel Jordan-Basketball Lebron James-Basketball Devin Hester-Football David Beckham-Soccer

Who wore number 23 for the Phillies?

Brian Schneider wore 23