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Currently Mata and Previously Gred Muller

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Q: What famous soccer players wear 13?
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What famous soccer players wear number 13?

Alex Morgan

Which famous soccer players have worn number 13?

Alex Aguinaga

What famous NBA players wear number 13?

Wilt Chamberlain

WHICH FAmous soccer players wear number 13?

Michael Ballack (Chelsea & Germany) Alessandro Nesta ( AC Milan & Italy) There are other players (JS Park, Danny Murphy, Boa Morte) but the top two are considerably more famous than these mentioned (in my opinion)

What famous basketball players wore number 13?

There have been numerous basketball players to wear the number 13 jersey. The most famous person was Wilt Chamberlain. Other players were Maurice Ager, Corey Brewer, and Luigi Datome.

Which famous soccer players have worn the jersey number 13?

Gerd Muller, Eusebio, Andrea Nesta and Michael Ballack.

How many players wear number 13 in the NFL?


Do any baseball players wear number 13?

Plenty do and have. The most famous is currently Alex Rodriguez for the NY Yankees

Is it harder to become a soccer player with shoe size 13 than with shoe size 9?

Not at all there are a huge number of soccer players and rugby players with size 13 feet.

What famous Brazilian soccer players wore number 13?

Cicinho wears #13 for Brazil. He plays for Real Madrid in Spain currently. He is 5 ft 8 and weighs 159 lbs.

Did any pro football players wear number 13?

Hundreds have - perhaps the most famous #13s are Kurt Warner and Dan Marino.

Who are active players in MLB who wear the number 13?

Alex Rodriguez

Can you wear LeBron 13 while playing Soccer?

You are allowed to wear tennis shoes or sneakers at the referee's discretion.

Which famous NFL players have worn number 13?

Dan Marino

What famous football players wore number 13?

Dan Marino

Players to wear 13 in football?

Dan Marino comes to mind first.

Which NFL players wear number 13?

Kurt Warner - Arizona Cardinals

What football players wear the number 13?

Joey Bondi and Ryan Thomas

List of all the current NBA players wear 13?

Steve Nash

What famous football players wore the number 13?

Dan Marino from the dolphins

What major league baseball players wear or have worn the number 13?

alex rodriquez

Which soccer players wear the number 13?

park ji sung (Manchester utd) Danny Murphy (Liverpool FC) Qais Shah (oratia utd) Micheal ballack (Germany) Alexander hleb (arsenal)

Which famous MLB players have worn number 13?

Shortstop Dave Concepcion of the Cincinnati Reds wore #13.

Which current English soccer player wears number 13?

not many because most players are 1-11.

What soccer goalie wears the number 13?

Goalkeepers usually wear jersey number one 1.