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Jeremi of Germany

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Q: What famous soccer players start with j?
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Who are famous characters who start with the letter J?


What has the author Gail J Newsham written?

Gail J. Newsham has written: 'A league of their own!' -- subject(s): Dick, Kerr Ladies' Football Club, History, Soccer for women, Women soccer players

What famous places start with J?

jamaica jeruselum jordan

What famous names start with the letter 'j'?

johnny depp

What are famous things in Texas that start with a J?

· Jasper, Texas

What UK soccer teams start with j?

Only one team in the UK even has a J in it's name. St Johnstone. This does not begin with a J, however.

At what age did prima j start to become famous?

they became famous by putting videos on youtube

Who were some famous sports players that wear Adidas?

A lot of basketball players wear Adidas. For example: Magic J, Lebron James, etc.

What Soccer team has a letter j in the name?

The USC trojans soccer team has a j in the name

When did J-League Tactics Soccer happen?

J-League Tactics Soccer happened in 1999.

What has the author J M Silk written?

J. M. Silk has written: 'The Woodcock travel illustrated guide to England international footballers' -- subject(s): Soccer players, Biography

What are the names of some famous dead people that start with J?


Who are the Current Indian volleyball team famous players arjun award winner?

k j kapil dev

When was J-League Tactics Soccer created?

J-League Tactics Soccer was created on 1999-01-15.

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Jonas Brothers

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Jerusaleum. Johannesburg. Jordan. Jacksonville, Florida.

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michael jordan, Patrick ewing Wilt Chamberlain Kobe Bryant DR j

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J-League Super Top Players happened in 1994.

Soccer team beginning with J?


What has the author Michael J Matkovich written?

Michael J. Matkovich has written: 'Elite soccer drills' -- subject(s): Training, Soccer

Which Italian words start with 'J'?

There are no words in Italian that start with "J"There are no Italian words that start with J.

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Jagannath Temple is a famous Hindu Temple in Puri, India.

When was J-League Super Top Players created?

J-League Super Top Players was created on 1994-04-22.

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ahhh j??

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One of famous ice hockey players in the US is A. J. Thelen. He played for the Houston Aeros, Kalamazoo Wings, Rochester Americans, and Texas Wildcatters.