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Q: What famous person had the nickname the magic?
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Who is the best person who does magic?

Criss angel is the most famous person who does magic

What famous person has HIVAIDS?

Magic Johnson.

Which famous person had the nickname nabby?

Abigail Adams

Nickname of Magic Johnson?


What was Magic Johnson nickname?


Magic Johnson's nickname?


Who had the nickname Magic?

Magic Johnson

Who is Magic?

Magic is the nickname for Earvin Johnson.

What nickname did Brian Piccolo have for Gale Sayers in the movie Brian's song?


What was Micheal Jordan first nickname?

I got the magic in me!......Duhhh...Magic LOL no....idk Ask a more smarticle person....ily so much =]

What famous person has the nickname 'Macca'?

"Macca" is the nickname of many famous people. Macca has been used as a nickname for people like Paul McCartney, Steve McClaren, Andrew McLeod, Steve McMahon, and many other celebrities.

Why is Earvin Johnson Jr's nickname Magic.?

he was magic

Name a famous person with AIDS?

Magic Johnson, former NBA player

What is magic Johnson's whole name?

Erving "Magic Johnson is his full name. Magic was his nickname.

What is Frank Sinatras nickname?


Desmond Howard nickname?


What is Miami nickname?

Magic City:)

Who has the nickname of magic?

magic Johnson basketball player, Orlando magic basketball team, almost every magician.

Who is magic nickname?

If you are referring to 'Magic Johnson' he was a basketball player who played for the LA Lakers

Who's nickname is magic?

Earvin Johnson

Who's nickname was Magic?

Earvin Johnson

In 1963 what was Birmingham's nickname?

the magic city

What is Jackson's most famous nickname?

Andrew Jackson's most famous nickname is Old Hickory..

Whose nickname was Magic?

NBA star Earvin Johnson (active 1980-1992) was nicknamed "Magic."

Why the nickname of Earvien Effay Johnson is Magic?

Because his passing skills were like Magic! His teammate gave it to him.