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Pittsburgh Steeler Safety Troy Polamalu is on of the most famous players to wear the number 43.

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2012-05-26 01:28:03
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Q: What famous football players wore 43?
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What are the holidays for football players?

43 weeks

Which New York Yankees players wore number 43?

Jeff NelsonScott ProctorClick on the link below to see all the Yankees who wore #43.

Famous football players who wore number 10?

Fran Tarkenton - Vikings and Giants Steve Bartkowski - Falcons Santonio Holmes - Steelers Tarkenton and Bartkowski both had their number retired by their teams, Holmes was the MVP of Super Bowl 43.

Which New York Yankees players have worn the number 43?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore number 43 for the Yankees.

Who are the famous athletes that wore number 43?

troy polumalu

What major league baseball players wore number 43?

Dennis Eckersly

What famous sports stars wore number 43?

Dennis Eckersley

At what is the latest age which players entered football?

43 - Jorge Maldonada

Which NFL football players wear number 43?

Troy Polamalu

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 43?


Which famous NFL players have worn number 43?

Troy Polamalu & Jim Norton

Who are famous soccer players in Brazil?

The following Brazilians players have been inducted into the Pacaembu Brazilian Football Museum Hall of Fame in October 2008.[42]BebetoCarlos Alberto TorresDidiDjalma SantosFalcãoGarrinchaGérsonGilmarJairzinhoJulinhoNilton SantosPeléRivaldoRivelinoRoberto CarlosRomárioRonaldinhoRonaldoSócratesTaffarelTostãoVaváZagalloZicoZizinhoHonorable Mention in the "Heroes of Brazilian Football" section, on the Pacaembu Brazilian Football Museum:Domingos da Guia[43]Leônidas[44]

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