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the answer is that i only know 1 player in nba he is called Michael Jordan

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Q: What famous athletes have worn number 23?
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Which famous MLB players have worn number 23?

Kirk Gibson, Detroit Tigers

Which famous basketball players have worn jersey number 23?

rag tag pull out my swag

What hockey players have worn number 23 for the los angeles kings?

Number 23 is currently worn by Dustin Brown

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 23?

David Beckham with the Galaxy. It's all over his car too.

What famous dallas cowboy wore number 23?

The number had never been worn by a major star, but the most recent player issued the number is running back Sammy Morris.

Who's worn 23 for the Detroit Tigers?

Number 23 is retired for Willie Horton. It was also worn by Kirk Gibson.

Who has worn number 23 for braves?


What number has Michael Jordan worn?


What dodgers have worn number 23?

who is the pitcher for the dodgers

Why do professional athletes wear number 23?

In honor of Michael Jordan.

What basketball player worn the number 23?

Micheal jordon

Who has worn number 23 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Tashard Choice

What famous sport star wear number 23?

the most famous sport star to wear number 23 is David Beckham LeBron James is also a famous #23.

What are famous athletes with the number 23?

MIchael Jordon wore it for Chicago Bulls famously and now alot of basketballers wear it like LeBron James Andrey Arshavin who plays for Arsenal wears it

What is David Beckham number?

23, although he has also worn 7 and others.

Which number had been worn by both Michael Jordan and david beckam?


Which number shirt has David Beckham and Micheal Jordan both worn?


Which New York Giants players have worn jersey number 23?

cory webster

Which New York Giants have worn jersey number 23?

Currently Corey Webster

What is a good basketball jersey number Need a?

23 was worn by Michael Jordan and is currently worn by Lebron James, although he is going to change his number to 6 next season. Six was worn by Julius Erving as well. Kobe Bryant worn 8, but changed it to 24.

What is the size of the Australian team at London for the 2012 Olympics?

Australia has a team of 410 athletes completing in 23 sports. They are 4th behind GB, USA, and Russia in number of athletes

What Buffalo Bills players have worn number 23 and number 5 excluding Lynch and Edwards?

Davis n norwood

What numbers has David Beckham worn?

number 7 in Manchester united and 23 in la galexy

What Cincinnati Reds players have worn number 23?

I dont know of all of them but Jason LaRue, Corey Patterson, and Adam Rosales have worn it since 2000.

Soccer players with jersey number 23?

It is worn by Andreiy Arshavin, the Russian footballer who plays at Arsenal.