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Q: What famous athlete ran cross country?
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Who is Dominic Woodmansee?

Dominic Woodmansee is a cross-country athlete. He ran a new season best time of 17:39.43 in the Three Mile Run at Section 2, placing thirteenth.

Do any famous people like to run cross country?

I know Lance Armstrong has ran a marathon, it was either Boston or New York(cant exactly remebmer)

Is cross-country running a nerd sport?

Hell no... I ran in high school and was popular and the homecoming king.

Who was the famous athlete in 1924?

There was alought of famouse athletes in 1924 such as Erik Lidell who ran the 400 meters in 47.6 second at the olympics in paris making a world record.

What word can I use for the athlete ran like?

the wind, a cheetah, he was on fire, he was shot out of a cannon, a fleeing felon, ice cream on a hot summer day

Who is the person who ran across the US during the 1970s that is referenced in the movie Forrest Gump?

I had not heard if there was one. Many people have ran cross country but did not inspire the Gump run.

Dannon ran a famous series ads featuring yogurt-eating centenarians from what country?

Georgia (its in Russia)

Why do you think protestantism spread so quickly in northern Europe?

because they played cross country(ran around) through countries

What sentence do you use for athlete and canine?

Geoff was a professional athlete who ran for miles each day as training.Dogs are often referred to as canine friends.

How long did the slowest athlete ran in the race when bolt ran his fastest record?

Zimbabwe's Anakiel Nakie choga in 10.42 sec

What is a good 1.5 mile cross country time for a seventh grade boy?

As a 7th grader I ran a 1.5 mile cross county race with a mile pace of 5:35

Who was the south African female athlete who ran without shoes?

Her name is Zola Budd.

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