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Wet, because in has more weight on it. If a tennis ball is wet it can't bounce it just falls and stays on the ground.

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Q: What falls faster dry tennis ball or a wet tennis ball?
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Will a wet tennis ball travel faster than a dry tennis ball?

It depends. If a tennis balls are hit with the same amount of force, then the dry tennis ball will travel faster and farther. However, if the two tennis balls begin traveling at the same speed, then the dry tennis ball will slow down more rapidly than the wet tennis ball. The reason is the added mass of water. It would take more force to make the wet tennis ball fly as fast as the dry, but the added mass also requires more force to slow down the wet ball.

What will travel faster a frozen tennis ball or dry tennis ball?

It depends on many factors. How will the tennis balls be propelled? Will you hit both with a racquet? Will you shoot them from a potato cannon?

Will a wet tennis ball bounce better than a dry tennis ball?


Does soaking a tennis ball in water affect its bounce?

A wet tennis ball is a ruined tennis ball. It does not bounce as high. You can dry a tennis ball quickly by hitting it against a chain-link fence repidly for a little while. Once the ball is dry, then you can use it again.

Which tennis ball bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

The dry tennis ball will bounce higher, if you use the same amount of force, the wet tennis ball will slide a bit when it hits the ground and bounce lower. In short, the weight of the water will make the tennis ball heavier, with the weight of the water keeping it from bouncing as high.

Will a wet tennis ball go faster than a dry tennis ball from being shot out of a catapult?

no, theoreticly speaking, it should be slower. the more weight, possibly the slower, the water would have little aero-dinamic quailities..

Which one bounces higher a wet tennis ball or a tennis ball?

a wet tennis ball doesn't bounce as high, so the dry one will bounce higher

Does a wet tennis ball bounce lower than a dry one?


Will a wet tennis ball bounce higher than a dry tennis ball?

no actually wet balls bounce lower and they spray water all around.

What will bounce higher a frozen tennis ball or a dry tennis ball?

Technically, a frozen tennis ball will not bounce well because of the temperature. The elasticity is one of the factors in which a ball bounces and when things are colder, there isn't as much elasticity, so it will not bounce as well. Therefore, a dry ball (as long as it wasn't frozen in a container) will bounce better than a frozen one.

Soccer science fair project?

can the ball go faster wet or dry

Are there such things as waterproof tennis balls?

Water doesn't enter any tennis ball that's in good condition and hasn't been punctured, so in that sense, every undamaged tennis ball is waterproof. But the fuzz on the outside can sure get soaked. I have made a waterproof tennis ball that makes even the fuzz keep dry. It is pure awesome.

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How do you make a Neptune model?

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Does a ball roll faster on grass or dirt?

Dirt , assuming it is flat and dry . The answer depends upon the velocity of the ball and what resistance there is in either the dirt or grass .

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It doesn't really matter whether you machine dry tennis shoes or not. Though, I do highly recommend you to wash and let the tennis shoes dry naturally, just keep in mind that it will take some time for the tennis shoes to dry;)

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