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NFL expansion teams before the 1970 merger with the AFL:

1. Dallas Cowboys (1960)

2. Minnesota Vikings (1961)

3. Atlanta Falcons (1966)

4. New Orleans Saints (1967)

AFL expansion teams before the 1970 merger with the NFL:

1. Miami Dolphins (1966)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (1968)

Expansion teams after 1970 NFL-AFL merger:

1. Seattle Seahawks (1976)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1976)

3. Carolina Panthers (1995)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (1995)

5. Cleveland Browns (1999)*

6. Houston Texans (2002)

*The Cleveland Browns entered the league in 1999 as a replacement for the original Browns team that moved to Baltimore after the 1995 season and became the Ravens. The NFL held over the original Browns' team history and records for the new Cleveland team.

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Q: What expansion NFL teams started after 1957?
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Are there a lot of teams in the NFL?

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Not bad, considering it started with eleven.

How many teams did the NFL have when it started?


What expansion teams have there been in the nfl since 2000?

1 .... the Houston Texans in 2002.

Which NFL teams have started 11-0?

Indianapolis 2009

Which player started for the most teams in the nfl?

George Blanda

What year did each team join the NFL?

Click on the 'Chronology of NFL Teams' link on this page to see when every team that has participated in the NFL joined and when those that folded left.

What NFL teams are still playing in their original stadium?

The only teams that are still playing in their original stadiums are expansion teams Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Packers play in Lambeau Field which opened in 1957. The Bears have played in Soldier Field since 1971.

Do new NFL Franchises get the first picks in NFL Draft If not how do they determine when they get to pick?

By NFL rule, expansion teams are given the first selection in each round of the draft. The last expansion team in the NFL was the Houston Texans who began play in 2002. They were awarded the first selection in each round of the 2002 NFL Draft.

When did all the NFL teams join the NFL?

The teams of the former American Football League joined in 1970. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks joined in 1976. The Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars joined in 1995. The Houston Texans (replacing the Houston Oilers who moved to Tennessee in 1997 and were renamed the Titans in 1999) joined in 2002. All other teams joined before 1961.

How many NFL teams started the season with five straight wins and then did not make the playoffs?


What are the names of the NFL teams that started 5-0 that did not make the play offs?

Vikings and Broncos.

Is Baltimore Ravens classified an expansion team?

No - the Ravens were already an existing franchise (Cleveland Browns) that moved their team to a different city (Baltimore). Expansion teams are those teams who are new NFL franchises in new cities that have never had a prior NFL team, or at least haven't had one in many years. Examples are the Jaguars and Panthers, Titans, and Texans.