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Q: What exercises do olympic skeleton participators have to do?
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Name the vehicle used in the Olympic sport of skeleton?

A skeleton sled.

What are the skills needed to play the olympic event skeleton?

what is the skill for skeleton

How is the Olympic skeleton scored?

The Olympic skeleton is scored by racers who soar down the icy track headfirst at speeds approaching 100 mph.

Why did the olympic start?

to get more exercises

What is the olympic sport skeleton?

Skeleton is an Olympic sport similar to bobsleigh. It is on the same tracks as the bobsleigh and luge. love, hannnananana

How the olympic game skeleton is played?

you hop on a skeleton sled. and go down a ice track.

Why was Luge replaced for the skeleton in the Olympic Games?

Although they share a track, luge was not replaced by skeleton.

What is a skeleton racer?

a skeleton racer i a racer that competes in a winter Olympic event every year

Name of Olympic sled?

luge or a skeleton. The Luge is ridden feet first, the Skeleton feet first.

How did the Olympic sport Skeleton got its name?

Because the toboggan used by athletes resembles the human skeleton.

Who is Amy Williams?

She is an English Olympic skeleton racer.

What countries are in the Olympic skeleton event?

all of course

How did the olympic game skeleton start?

it stared in Canada

What is is the worst injury in the Olympic sport the skeleton?

death by crashing

What is the world record time for Olympic skeleton?

69 years

What winter sport uses brakes?

an Olympic sport=the skeleton

What exercises help the skeleton?

The key would be to strengthen muscles. Muscles support bones.

Is skeleton a dangerous sport?

The olympic sport Skeleton is dangerous because if you fell off the sled, it could be fatle.

When did skeleton start in the Olympics?

Skeleton was added permanently to the Olympic program at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why is the olympic sport called skeleton?

The sport was named when someone commented that a new metal sled, first used in 1892, resembled a skeleton.

Who is the winter olympic ecord holder for the best time in skeleton?

chris rosh

Who invented skeleton the olympic sport?

English soldiers in the late 19th century

Was the skeleton a real sport in the Olympics?

yes In 1926, it was declared an official Olympic sport. Skeleton is another name for tobogganing.

What kind of floors are used in the floor exercises for the Olympic gymnast?

in the comfort room in the boys

When did skeleton become an Olympic sport?

Skeleton has been an official Winter Olympic sport on five occasions - as a men's competition only in 1928 (St. Moritz) and 1948 (St. Moritz), and as a men's and women's competition in 2002 (Salt Lake City), 2006 (Turin), and will be contested once again as an Olympic sport in Vancouver in February 2010.