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The Two Portsmouth players to have won the champion league are Kanu with Ajax and Teddy sherringham with Manchester United.

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Q: What ex Portsmouth players have won the champion league?
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What Portsmouth players that have won the champions league?

It is the Nigerian striker Kanu. He won it with Ajax.

Nigeria players that ever won the champions league?

The Nigerian striker Kanu won the champion league with Ajax.

How many Ghana plays win champion league title?

I do not think any players from Ghana have won a champion league as yet.

Which players have won the premier league and champions league?

Ryan Giggs, Paul scholes, and Christiano Ronaldo have won both The champion league and the Premier league.

Players won 3 or more champions league?

Paulo Maldini, Clarence seedorf have won the champion league medal on three diffrent years.

Which player has won the champions league and been relagated?

The Nigerian Kanu won the champion league with Ajax and was relegated with Portsmouth. But he has won the e.P. L with arsenal the F.A. with Arsenal and the U.E.F.A with Inter Milan some record.

Who has won the FA Cup and has then been relegated from the premier league?

Kanu the Nigerian striker has won the E.P.L with Arsenal, F.A with Arsenal, the champion league with Ajax and the U.E.F.A with Inter Milan. but was relegated with Portsmouth.

Who has won the champion league the most?

Which champion league?AnswerReal Madrid have won the champions league 9 times.

How many champion league ac milan have won?

A.C.Milan have won the champion league 7 times .

Has Liverpool ever won the Champion League?

Yes Liverpool won the champion league 5 times.

Who won the champion league?


Which football club won the last champion league?

Inter Milan won the Champion league as they beat Bayern Munich.

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