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WWF and WCW had a match, and who ever the loser was agreed to shut down there show (WCW/WWF) and so WWF won so WCW was shut down

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Q: What ever happened to wcw?
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When did WCW Wrestling happen?

WCW Wrestling happened in 1990.

When did WCW Greed happen?

WCW Greed happened on 2001-03-18.

When did WCW Backstage Assault happen?

WCW Backstage Assault happened in 2000.

When did WCW vs. the World happen?

WCW vs. the World happened in 1997.

When did WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling happen?

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling happened in 1994.

When did WCW Nitro - video game - happen?

WCW Nitro - video game - happened in 1997.

What happened to wcw?

They lost a lot of money and WWE bought them out

Will the WWE ever decide to bring back the WCW?


Has Rey Mysterio ever been reveiled?

Yes, he was unmasked in WCW.

Will WCW ever come back?

yes it will it will take over wwe

What happened to the heart foundation from wwe?

It stopped when Bret Hart went to WCW

Is TNA going to become just another WCW?

not exactly but it will have alot of 90's era wcw stars and vince russo is booking however hogan has said he will not let the same mistakes that happened to wcw happen to tna Jan. 2010 - And since when has Hogan ever told the truth! He is already making claims just like he did in WCW. With Russo, Hogan, Hall, and Nash and Bischoff history will repeat itself, and in a few years Vince McMahon will be buying TNA

Is their a wcw video game?

yes there is there are some wcw games in game over Yeh there are 10 wcw games. wcw backstage assault wcw mayhem wcw nitro wcw super brawl wrestling wcw the main event wcw vs nwo world tour wcw vs the world wcw wrestling wcw/nwo revenge wcw/nwo thunder

Did Eddie Guerrero ever beat Rey?

yes, multiple times in wwe, as well as wcw.

When did wwf join wcw?


Which came first wcw or nwo?

WCW...NWO was a faction that existed within WCW for a few years.

Who created wcw?

Ted tunner created wcw.

Has sting ever been in WWE?

No, although he was in WCW (World Championship Wrestling). He left after WWE bought it.

Was Shawn Michaels ever on wcw?

yes,the day he beat Bret Hart 12 years from 2010.

Has Vince McMahon ever talked to sting?

I guess he would have, atleast when WWE took over WCW

Which was better WcW or WWF?

Apparently WWE since they bought out WCW and WCW is no longer in business

Will tna become the next wcw?

TNA have some former WCW wrestlers but I think TNA will not be next WCW !

Does wcw still come on?

No, back in 2000, WWE bought all the rights to WCW and there is no more WCW on televison no more.

Why did wcw closed?

Because Time Warner who owned WCW let Hogan and Bischoff do what ever they wanted. Vince Russo became the head writer, then they became so weak that Vince McMahon bought them

When was WCW WorldWide created?

WCW WorldWide was created in 1975.

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