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Greg Ritchie, Radio Host & Former Cricketer

One of the characters of cricket, and affectionately known as 'Fat Cat", the burly Greg Ritchie developed into a first class batsman who possessed wonderful timing when in full, glorious flow.

Greg Ritchie headed both test and tour averages in his first international tour, the only Australian to reach three figures in the series.

Ritchie played 30 Tests and scored 1690 runs at an average of 35, including three centuries and seven half centuries.

Greg Ritchie played for Queensland for 10 seasons. In the year 2000 he was named as one of the seven greatest Sheffield Shield run scorers in Queensland history for amassing over 6ooo runs for his state.

Today, Greg Ritchie brings his unique humour each day to Triple M's Home Grown Breakfast Show in Brisbane along with Marto and Tania.

Greg Ritchie is an excellent after dinner speaker and the complete MC for all occasions. He is a motivator capable of inspiring corporate clients and a most humorous raconteur.

Greg Ritchie is the Managing Director of Gulliver's Sports Travel (GST). His partners in the business are Alan Border, Ken Grover and Austin Robertson. GST was established in 1997 and marketed sporting tours specifically cricket and Golf, to all parts of the globe. The business has grown dramatically since its early days and now offers a wide range of services including retail travel, corporate travel, and group and events management.

Greg Ritchie is an ambassador for a number of organizations including Carlton & United Breweries, Callaway Golf, Wesley Corporate Health and Brookwater Golf Club. As an ambassador for these organizations Greg is often called upon to use his ability as a speaker, and a host for various functions.

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Q: What ever happened to Greg Ritchie Cricket icon?
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