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It started with a 200 m foot race, and was later expanded to include all-in Wrestling, Chariot Racing, javelin etc etc.

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Q: What events took place during the Ancient Olympics?
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Name two sporting events that took place at the olympic games in ancient Greece?

boxing and discus were two of the nine events that took place during the ancient Greece Olympics.

Where did the equestrian events in the ancient Olympics take place?

In the stadium.

What events took place in the ancient Olymic Games?

Boxing, Pankration, Wrestling, Running, Equestrian, and Pentathlon took place at the ancient Olympics.

What events took place in the ancient Olympics?

dont know to be honest with u sorry

What events took place in the ancient olypmics?

I know that the Romans did track racing (Romans created the olympics).

Were the ancient Greek Olympics held at a temple?

They were held outside of them and in front of them on fields where the events took place.

Is the Olympics an event or a meet?

The summer and winter olympics are meets that are held every 4 years. Although during the meet there are events that take place. e.g (track and field events and swimming events in the summer olympics and skiing or snowboarding in the winter olympics)

How many events taking place in London Olympics 2012?

there are 32 events at the 2012 olympics.

What events are taking place in the Olympics 2012?

The summer events!

How many events are taking place at this Olympic Games?

300 events take place in the olympics

What were all the events that take place during the winter Olympics?

2010, South London, England

The year the first ancient Olympics took place?

The ancient Olympics are said to begin around the year 776BC.

Where did the ancient Olympics took place?


Where the ancient Olympics took place?


Ancient Olympics took place?


How many sport events are taking place in the Olympics?

302 Events in all.

What city in Ancient Greece did the ancient Olympics take place in?

Athens - Olympia

What time of year were the Ancient Greece Olympics held?

Summer time was the time of the year that the ancient Greek Olympics took place in.

How many sports and events take place in Olympics?

there are 26 sports and about 300 events.

Where did the ancient Olympics first take place?


What did the ancient Greek Olympics take place?


When Calgary held the winter Olympics where did the events take place?

Calgary host the Olympics in 1988 and events were held in venue in or around Calgary.

What Olympic event takes place after the Olympics?

No other event occurs after the Olympics. What about the Winter Olympics for snow type events and then the para Olympics.

How many events take place altogether in the Olympics?


How many events will take place in the 2012 Olympics?