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== The events of the Pentathlon in the ancient Olympics were: 1) a foot race that history has deemed to be approximately 150-200 meters

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Q: What events made up the pentathlon of the ancient Olympics?
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What 5 events made up the ancient Olympics pentathlon?

long jump javelin throw discus stadion and wrestling

What Name five events that made up the pentathlon of the ancient Olympics?

leaping, wrestling, foot racing, discus throwing, and casting the javelin

What events were made up of the ancient pentathlon in the ancient Olympic Games?

The ancient Greece played Javelin, wrestling, weightlifting, swimming, cycling, fencing, gymnastics .Also they played shop-put and also horse riding.

How many events do you think made up the pentathlon?

mmm let me guess 5

How long do you have to run in the pentathlon?

The pentathlon is made up of 5 events: 100m hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, and the 800m run.

What were javelins made out of in the ancient Olympics?


What was the ancient pentathlon made up of?

Discus-throwing, long jump, javelin-throwing, running the stadion, wrestling

What state made up the Olympics?

Ancient Greece

Did Zeus made up the ancient Olympics?


Can anyone Describe the five events of the modern pentathlon?

The modern pentathlon is made up of, in order: Shooting (pistol) Fencing (épée) Swimming (200m freestyle)Show jumping Cross-country running (3000m).

How did they prepare for the ancient Greece Olympics?

by dieing made by Ahmed

How did people find out about the Olympics in the ancient times?

In Greece they wanted entertainment so they made the Olympics

What did the ancient Greece winners get?

The ancient victors of the Olympics received a crown made from Olive Leaves.

What are two similarities between modern U.S and ancient Greece?

We both have the Olympics (Ancient Greeks made it)We both have democracy (Ancient Greeks made this as well)

How was the Olympics made?

The Ancient Greeks made them and young nude men would run races.

Why were the Olympics made?

The ancient Greek Olympic games were to honor Zeus and sportsmanship.

What did the winner get in the ancient Olympics?

they got to wear a crown made out of olive leaves.

How did the Olympics got made?

The ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to their gods.

How did the ancient Greeks form the Olympics?

Well, the Greeks loved competitions. So they made up a game called the Olympics, which modernized to the sports we have today. The Olympics were not the only competition in Ancient Greece, but the most popular.

What are the 3 most important achievements made by ancient Greece?

alphabet, philosophy and Olympics

Who was the person who made up the Olympics?

The person that made up the Olympics was named Hercules. He was from Ancient Greek. Also some people found a rock which had the Olympic symbol on!

What happens in ancient gymnastics?

ancient gymnastics comes from ancient Greece because ancient Greece made the Olympics in ancient times they did things like beam vault bars and more

Who made the Olympics?

The ancient Greeks did - and the site of the games was in Olympia, Greece. The modern Olympics were started in the 1890s by a French nobleman, and have continued to this day.

What are the inventions that the ancient Greeks made?

they invented the Olympics, applied science around 600 BC .

How did ancient Greeks think natural events happened?

They thought that their gods made the natural events happen when they had bottly functions.