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100 meters, high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin throw

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Q: What events does a decathlon have in it?
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How many more events are there in a decathlon than in a triathlon?

A triathlon has three events, a decathlon has ten events. So a decathlon has seven more events than a triathlon.

How many events are there in the Olympic decathlon?

There are ten events in olympic decathlon

How many events are included in a decathlon?

There are ten events in a decathlon. Because deca means ten so it's ten events. That's the root word for decathlon.

10 E in a D?

10 events in a decathlon

How many track field Events are there in a Decathlon?

A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events

How many track and field events are included in the decathlon in the commonwealth games?

A decathlon has 10 events.

What is the decathlon?

A decathlon is an athletic challenge that contests 10 events.

Use decathlon in a sentence?

The decathlon consists of ten athletic events.

How are the heptathlon 'N' decathlon events similar?

The heptathlon and the decathlon are variations of the same event, combined-events. In outdoor track and field, women do the heptathlon, consisting of seven events, and men do the decathlon, consisting of ten events. Both of the events have events in them that are power and speed related with one that is more endurance related.

How many events make up the decathlon in the Commonwealth Games except the discus?

A decathlon is always ten events. If you take out the discus throw, then you have nine events.

How many throwing events are there in a decathlon?

3 events.

How many events in decathalon?

There are ten events in an Olympic Decathlon. Some of the events include running, shooting a rifle, bicycling, and swimming. The decathlon takes two days for all of the events to be finished.

What is the final throwing event in the decathlon?

Javelin, which is the 9th of the 10 events performed in a decathlon.

Why is one Olympic game called a decathlon?

Ten events make up the decathlon.

Who has won all ten events in the decathlon?

No one on a national or international level has won all ten events in one given decathlon.

How many events occer in a decathon?

There are ten events in a decathlon.

How many events make up a decathlon?

10 events

What is an antonym for the word decathlon?

Most things (places, events, living creatures, etc.) do not have antonyms except for "Not + the thing". That is the case with decathlon. The opposite is "not a decathlon".

How many events are in decathlon?


What are heptathlons and decathlons?

The heptathlon and decathlon are both multidisciplinary events. The heptathlon consists of seven events and is usually competed by women. The decathlon consits of ten events and is nearly alway competed by men.

What are 10 events of a decathlon?

A decathlon is, in orderDay 1100mLong JumpShot PutHigh Jump400 mDay 2110HDiscusPole VaultJavelin1500mRead more: What_are_the_olympic_field_events_in_the_decathlon

How many athletic events does a decathlon contain?

Deca- is a prefix meaning ten.There are ten events in the decathlon. A decathlon is a two day event; splitting the events to five the first day and five on the second day.

What is Decathlon Olyimpics?

A sport with 10 events

What events are in the women's decathlon?

Same as men

How many events occur in decathlon?