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The Cowboys Stadium is host to many types of events, from football to Basketball to other sporting endeavors, Music gigs from Taylor Swift , Blues Bands and Operas from Puccini.

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Q: What events are held in Cowboys Stadium besides football games?
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What kind of events are held at the Aloha Stadium?

All types of events are held at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii. Some events include University of Hawaii Football, Community Football, Marketplace, as well as special events.

What is the home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow?

The home stadium of the football team Torpedo Moscow is Luzhniki Stadium, this stadium also hosts a variety of other sporting events. Luzhniki stadium is based in Moscow, Russia and is the biggest sports stadium in Russia.

Why does Hawaii have a football stadium in Honolulu?

The stadium is named "Aloha Stadium" even tho the state has no football team, the field is used for local sporting events for the islands local college's and High/Elementary Schools and is also sometimes used for NFL sporting events.

What is the seating capacity of MetLife stadium?

MetLife Stadium has a seating capacity of 82,500 people, and has the capability for 90,000 for non-football major events.

How does one apply to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

To become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, you have to apply at one of their tryout events. This is usually help on a yearly basis, at Texas stadium or a closer location.

When did Stadium Events happen?

Stadium Events happened in 1987.

What events are being held in wales?

If I am correct I think a football match is being played in millennium stadium

What are some examples of events that take place at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, originally built in 1930, is the stadium for the University of Florida. Popularly knows as "The Swamp" hosts events such as football, the Gator Growl, and musical concerts.

When was Stadium Events created?

Stadium Events was created on 1986-12-23.

Where do the Texas longhorns play?

Darrle K. Royal Memorial Stadium in football, and Frank C. Erwin Events Centre for basketball.

What does the Colloseum look like?

it lookes like a regular stadium except that bullfights and other events occured there rather than football game. get it? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. :)

Which is the largest football stadium that has every seat under cover?

Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London. With 90,000 seats the stadium has the second largest capacity in Europe. By area it is the largest roof-covered football stadium in the world. Answer valid date: 31 January 2009Answer: Wembley Stadium in the UK.Refer: Stadium is a stadium in Wembley, located in the Borough of Brent in North West London, England. It is owned by The Football Association (FA) via its subsidiary Wembley National Stadium Limited, and its primary use is for home games of the England national football team, and the main English domestic football finals. It is also used for pop concerts and other sporting events. It will host the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final. Kind Regards======

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