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Floor exercise.









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Q: What events are common to both men and women gymnasts?
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What do Nadia Comaneci and Shawn Johnson have in common?

They both are great gymnasts, they both are SPECTACULAR at the balance beam, and they are both great achievers

What event has both men and women gymnasts perform in the Olympics?

Both men and women do floor and vault! Both also do some sort of bar routine! Boys do high bar and parellel bar Women do uneven bar

What some thing that a cheerleader and a gymnasts does?

They both tumble .

Do both men and women participate in curling?

yes, in separate events

What new event has been added to both mens and womens gymnastics in the 2000 summer Olympics?

Trampoline. But it's in it's own competition group. If you compete trampoline, you don't compete the floor, balance beam (only women), uneven bars (only women), vault, high bar (only men), p-bars (only men), rings (only men) and the horse (only men. Your Welcome! <3 **Kiera D.** <3

How many athletes are in athletics for the 2012 Olympics?

Over 2,000 athletes from 201 nations competed in 47 events. Men competed in 24 events and women in 23. 21 events were the same for both men and women.

In which olympic sport are all events open to both men and women?

ice hockey

What do sperm and pineapple have in common?

They are both prone to impregnating women.

What is China's contribution to modern gymnastics?

Both in women and men's gymnastics, some of the strongest gymnasts are in China. Some women are Pang Panpan, Xiao Tingting, Jiang Yuyuan, He Ning, and Yang Yilin. Some strong men are Lu Bo and He Xiaopeng

What do the rugby world cup and Olympics have in common?

There are both worldwide famous sports events.

What are some sports that will be in the Commonwealth Games?

The games that are in the Commonwealth Games commonly feature field events such as shotput, high jump etc. There can be track events, which involve running, such as sprints or relays. There are also swimming events (pretty self explanatory). Then there can be other events, such as cycling. We can also find marathons in the Commonwealth Games. Gymnastics is also common for both men and women.

Do male gymnasts wear underwear under their leotards?

During workouts female gymnasts usually workout wearing leotards and some prefer shorts over the leotard. Male gymnasts usually wear shorts and a shirt during workout. During competitions both male and females wear leotards.