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Q: What equipment would you need on a expedition?
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What equipment do you need on an antarctic expedition?

all the stuff you need for Minnesota winter. but times 2

How would you go about looking for a new planet What equipment would you need?

what equipment would you need to go look for a new planet

What sort of people would you need to bring to Antarctica on your expedition team?

You can include a pilot, a navigator, equipment manager, safety and medical officer and other scientific or expeditionary expertise that you want on your team.

What equipment were need for the mount everest expedition?

If you are thinking about climbing Mount Everest then you will probably already be aware that there is a lot of equipment that you are going to have to buy or rent. What many people do not realize is that this is not only going to cost you a lot of money, but also that many people are totally unaware of the sheer volume of things that they need before they start their expedition. You can view a full list of equipment at the link given

What equipment would you need to take a brachial pulse?

You don't need equipment to get the brachial pulse.

What is the purpose of equipment for expedition?

because it was the purpose to find out where it was at

What would you need for an expedition to Antarctic?

I Dunno!! Thats Why Im Asking!!

What do you need on a Antarctic expedtion?

You need to purchase all equipment and supplies for survival on the journey, transport on and off the continent, and permits generally from the nation-states that claim the territory involved in your proposed expedition. As well, you'll need an expedition plan and access to on-tap emergency rescue and evacuation teams in case of an accident.Note: a scientific purpose for your expedition could help in your fund-raising efforts.

What equipment would you need to travel in to space?

A spaceship.

What equipment would an English trainer need?


What equipment would a tourist need?

Tourist need equipment like cameras and hiking gear to make the best of their trip. Of course, the equipment needed will depend on where they are going.

Explain how can you find the density of an unknown liquid if you have all of the laboratory equipment you need?

how would you find the density of an unknown liquid if you have all of the equipment of the laboratory equipment you need?