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a net

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2009-04-24 13:20:39
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Q: What equipment was used when volleyball was first played?
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What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

What are the equipment used for volleyball?

well just for playing volleyball really

What equipment pieces are used to play volleyball?

a net, a volleyball, optional knee pads

What is the equipment used in the sport of volleyball?

volleyballnetboundary lines

What equipment was used in volleyball?

a vollyball, a net, kneepads

What equipment is used for volleyball?

Volleyball net, volleyball, referee, knee pads, sneakers, shorts, air compresser (optional, it's to put the air in the volleyballs)

What is the equipment for beach volleyball?

You need a volleyball... and a net! I guess you can get something to show the out lines too

What equipment is used in volleyball?

Some of the equipment used is the volleyball net, of course the volleyball,and the markers that tell the ref. if the ball is out or not. The necessary equipment includes a net, two poles to hold up the net, pads on the poles to protect the players, and a volleyball. Indoor volleyball players use knee pads, special shoes, and often braces for ankles and wrists. For official volleyball, a referee stand and accompanying pad must be provided, as well as skinny poles that are attached to the net to mark the edge of the court.

What was used as the first volleyball?

soccer ball

What are equipment used in volleyball?

a ball, a net, and if you're inside, knee pads, and of course your team

What piece of sporting equipment is 2.43 meters long?

It is a volleyball net, specifically one used by men.

What is the equipment used in playing volleyball?

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