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just a ball, water, and a goal

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Q: What equipment was originally used for water polo?
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What equipment did atheletes use for water polo in 1900 compared to 2008?

Water polo is a fairly simple sport in terms of the equipment used, there have been improvements over the last 100 years in water polo equipment: * the ball was originally made of leather which absorbed water during the match, it is now a rubber ball which is earier to grip * trunks were originally cotton or wool causing a lot of drag in the water, modern trunks are rubberised material which causes less drag and are harder for the opposition to hold onto

What safety equipment is used in water polo?

None normally, but you can wear a mouthguard.

What equipment did Marco Polo use?

Marco polo used a compass

What kind of material is used in water polo gear?

There are various pieces of equipment used in water polo * Caps are made of cotton or nylon with plastic ear guards * Trunks are made from a rubberised material * Goals can either be plastic or more commonly metal

What is the predominantly used energy system in water-polo?

is the predominantly used energy system used in a game of Water-polo

What muscles are used in water polo?

Water Polo is a sport that works nearly every muscle in your body. The major arm muscles used are Pectorals, Biceps, and Triceps.

Who invented the water polo ball?

The water polo ball was invented by the same people that invented the game itself, they were British people laying in lakes and rivers. The ball wouldn't have been a water polo ball as such, it may have been a football, but as soon as it was used for that purpose, it became a water polo ball.

How water is used for recreation?

Some water recreation is swimming, boating, fishing, water polo, and etc.

What pool is used for water polo in the 2012 Olympics?

2 meters

The similarities and differences of water polo and volley ball?

A ball is used.

Who invented the tripod?

The tripod was originally used as a piece of laboratory equipment. It was invented and first used in 1850 by Golbart Matthews.

What joints are used in throwing a ball?

Throwing a water polo ball usesthe fingers & thumbthe wristthe elbowthe shoulderthe backthe waistno one plays water polo

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