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You use mats.

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2012-02-22 22:40:52
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Q: What equipment is used in gymnastics pikes?
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The eguiment used in gymnastics?

The equipment used in gymnastics are balance beam,a springy floor,uneven bars,and vault.

What sort of equipment is used for Trampoline Gymnastics in the Olympics?

a trampoline

Where does the equipment for gymnastics come from?

Equipment for gymnastics comes from gymnova or smithanderson.

What are the equipment and facilities used for gymnastics activities?

well the equipment are bars,beam,valut,and floor

What kind of equipment is used for gymnastics?

Mats, bars, floor, springs, beams, rope, trampoline, table, grips are all used in gymnastics.

What simple machines are used in gymnastics equipment?

a simple incline is used in gymnastics- a "cheese wedge" i think a spring board qualifies as well

Where can you buy gymnastics equipment?

at a store

What equipment do women use in gymnastics?

in artistic gymnastics they use bars, beam, floor, and vault

Light apparatusses and heavy equipment in gymnastics?


What equipment use to be used in gymnastics?

Gymnastics has many types of equitment. It has the same ones for a LONG time. You use a VAULT,,,BARS,,,,,BEAM,,,,AND FLOOR(my favorite event to do)......WELL THERE IS YOUR ANWSER!!!!

What sports equipment begins with the letter M?

A mouth guard is a sports equipment item in football. A mat is used in gymnastics and wrestling. Baseball players use a mitt.

Do you get paid doing gymanstics?

You do not get paid to do gymnastics...if you do gymnastics and you go to a gym to do it you have to pay them to get classes and use there equipment.

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