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A ball, Net, Court, 14 Players, Umpires (2), Whistle, Scoreboard.

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Q: What equipment is used in a netball game?
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What are the equipment used in netball?

a netball. that is it, although you could count netball posts but there is absolutaly no other equipment used in a game of netball

In netball what equipment is used?

the ball is the main 1 and the bibs are next

What equipment does the umpire need in netball?


Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

How did the game netball reach Jamaica?

who develop the game of netball in jamaica

What is the safety equipment for netball?


Why is netball needed in netball?

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

Is netball a female game?

Netball is predominantly a game for females, however men can play too. There are both mixed and mens leagues.

How many netball substitutes can you have in a game?

You can have only three substitutes in a netball game.

What equipment do you need to play netball?

A netball, two nets, and a netball court - or if you dont have one maybe use paint out a back garden?

Players equipment for netball?

ching chong

What Sports equipment starts with n?


When can you swap positions in a game of netball?

You may swap positions in a netball game during quarter time

What is the equipment and facilities used in the game of sipa?

facilities and equipment of sipa game

What clothing and equipment do you need for netball?

preferably matching netball skirts tops & bibs. also a ball :)

What are the main muscle groups used in netball?

The major muscles used in this game would have to be bicep/tricep for when your throwing and your quadriceps/hamstrings, gastrocnemius because the main thing about netball is to run and jump.

How has netball equipment has changed over the years?

No not really

What is NETBALL move?

1 of the netball moves is called 'push off' this is when you sprint the you push off the ground to go another way. it is used many times in a natball game! 1 of the netball moves is called 'push off' this is when you sprint the you push off the ground to go another way. it is used many times in a natball game!

How netball works?

netball is just a game so fun but others like to see it as a game they hate

How much does the rugby equipment cost?

There is a vast array of equipment used in the game and to field a game. Therefore, it depends on what exactly "equipment" refers to

How many umpires do you need on a netball game?

There are usually 2 umpires in a netball game. They are positioned on the sidelines of the court

You want to play netball what equipment do you use?

If you want to play a proper game of netball, there are some pieces of equipmet that you should use and some that aren't that important.Equipment that you should use:A bouncy rubber netball ball, two nets on a two poles, different bibs to mark out who is on which of the two teams and their role in the game (eg: GA or WD), something to tell the time, a netball court (indoors or outdoors) which has markings on the ground showing where the circles and thirds of the court are, and (not exactly equipment but...) some people to play the game (14 people on the court with seven people on each team and maybe some substitutes)!Equipment or other things that aren't necassary but might be useful:A coach with a whistle, and some more (that I can't think of).

What equipment does an umpire use in netball?

A Whistle... :) <3

What equipment does an umpire in netball need?


Why didn't girls used to play rugby?

because netball was their game and rugby was too rough.