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To take up kite Surfing as a hobby one needs to obtain the following equipment: a wet suit, a life jacket, a kite, a body surfing board and a board leash strap.

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Q: What equipment is needed to take up kite surfing as a hobby?
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How do you say kite surfing in French?

kite surf is the translation in French It means kite surfing in french.

Does Kite Surfing require a boat?

You do not need a boat to kite surf.

How do you spell kite in french?

kite = un cerf-volant Kite-surfing = faire du kite-surf

What sports require wind?

Kite flying, kite buggying, kite surfing, windsurfing, sand yacting, sailing,

Is kite surfing really a kite?

It's a big kite atached to a person, and kiter have board atached to his feet

Where do you find a kite shape in everyday life?

For recreation e.g flying of kite, kite surfing and many others.

Is kite surfing a water sport?

no it is not

How is kite surfing different from surfing?

kit surfing picks up wind and makes you go faster but with normal surfing you need all your own power to move it. Kite surfing is the technique in Asia and world where people use kite with thread so it fly in air while surfing we need surf board and water availability where waves are 3 - 4 meters in height. so do surf exercises at Coatal Areas where water is in abandant.

Who is the current womens Kite Surfing world champion?

If you mean kite boarding, it's Kristin Boese

Is there such thing as kite surfing?

Yes, it consists of maneuvering a large kite with four strings and riding a wakeboard

How do you go kite surfing in poptropica?

you cut the rope that the kid is in, in his hot air balloon then you go to the kite store, borrow a kite, then go to the ocean and use it!

How many people died kite surfing?

I think 13

What are the release dates for RadXSports - 2002 Kite Surfing and Moto Rookies 7-5?

RadXSports - 2002 Kite Surfing and Moto Rookies 7-5 was released on: USA: 1 May 2009

How is it done kite surfing?

you get a surf board type board with foot slots, and wear a harness that is attached to a kite, you then use the kite to jump in the air, and ride waves.

Is kite flying a really popular hobby in Afghanistan?

no it is not

How do you get the kite on cryptids island?

You can use any kite except the kite surfer at Kitty's Kites. But to get the surfing kite, you need to provide some heavier line. Get the $5 bill from the tree at the mansion, and buy a sports drink for the thirsty gardener. Use his shears at Cliff Park to cut loose the hot air balloonist. The nylon rope will let you get the KiteSurfer X-250 and go kite-surfing to the left of the lighthouse.

What weather is good for kite surfing?

nice sunny day with liitle wind

Where in the world would one find Camber Sands?

Camber Sands is a beach in the village of Camber in East Sussex, England. It is a popular location for kite surfing, kite buggying, and kite landboarding.

Which has the most people who participate in it wake boarding wind surfing or kite surfing?

probably wakeboarding; i know way more people who have done wakeboarding than the others.

How do you beat Tiayrret Island on MySims Agents?

you have to talk to the surfer dude and go kite surfing .

How many miles do you have to get to complete kite surfing on your sims agents for ds?

1000 miles to get to the island

What are some of Loic Le Meur's hobbies?

Kite surfing, running, skiing, sailing, golf, aviation

Where do you find the other half of the stone tablet on sims agents ds?

you go to tiayrret island by kite surfing (go to chaz to kite surf) and do the maze game and complete the puzzle

Who invented kite surfing?

Cory Roeseler He's my uncle NO JOKE he and my grandpa invented it in the mid 1980's

Is there any cheats for kite surfing on mysims agent?

Not that I know of... maybe if you had an action replay you could find a cheat.