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To play a game of ping pong, one would need two ping pong paddles, a small ping pong ball, and a ping pong table with a net. One would also need two players who will play ping pong.

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Q: What equipment is necessary to play a game of ping pong?
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What do Cheyenne Indians do for fun?

they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at this year... :( they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at this year... :(

Who played the first game of ping pong?

a man named Li Yuan was the first person to play ping pong

Is Matrix ping pong an online game?

"Matrix ping pong is definitely not an online game. It is a show in which, two Japanese people play ping pong, while moving in matrix like motions, thus making it matrix ping pong."

Where can one download a 3D ping pong game?

There are tons of online gaming websites that has the ability to play a 3D ping pong game as well as download the game to your computer to play at other times. A few of the popular sites are addicting games and play free games.

Where can one play the video game Crazy Ping Pong online for free?

One can play the video game Crazy Ping Pong online with no charge at the Gametop website. In addition, there are several other websites where one can play this game: most notably, on the Kongregate website.

Where can you play ping pong?

You can play Ping Pong at almost any sport game areas you see. Also at a friends house or somebodys like that. Love, Ashli <33

What accessories are associated with ping pong other than a paddle?

The equipment required to play ping pong includes a ping pong table, a table net, ping pong balls, and two paddles. One may also consider purchasing proper athletic wear.

When did baseball player Ping Bodie play?

Ping Bodie debuted on April 22, 1911 and played his final game on July 24, 1921.

Is any special equipment needed to play ping pong?

no. all you need is a table with a net a paddle and a ball. you can get them at sports shops.

Can you play matrix ping pong on a web browser game online?

"Matrix ping pong is available as a freeware game, similar to the classic video game pong, that is playable and downloadable for Windows systems. There are many variations of the Pong game available."

What is ping in babo violent 2 and why do you keep getting maximun ping and you cant join?

Your Ping is to see how good your internet is and when it says maximum ping you have gone over how much the game arena lets you I also play babo myself and in a clan

What is the equipment used to play table tennis?

A table, a net, 2 paddles, and a ping pong ball. Isn't that pretty obvious :S?

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