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A pen and a ruler.

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Q: What equipment does a line judge need?
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What equipment does a badminton line judge need?

a bed the competitions last a while

What equipment is needed to be a line judge in badminton?

a line judge meeds: 1. a pen 2. a watch 3. a chair what ever he wants!!!

What equipment do you need in order to connect to the internet?

You need at minimum, a telephone line.

What equipment does a line judge in volleyball use?

They only use a little flag. They just use hand signals to show that it was out, in, or the server stepped over the line when serving!

What fishing equipment do you need?

You need a rod, reel, line, hook/feathers, weight (not to heavy), swivel

How is tennis jugded?

In intermediate tennis, you judge yourself. In professional tennis, there is a line judge. The line judge call outs, lets, and keeps score.

What does a line judge in badminton?

A line in badminton judges if the birdie is in or out.

Do you need a separate phone line for dsl if your security system uses your phone line?

ADSL needs to be filtered and so does ALL other equipment on the line. This includes any alarm equipment (red care for example). Red care does work with ADSL but most alarm companies recommend a dedicated line.

What is the duty of a line judge in volleyball?

Line judges stand on the corner of the court and watch the ball. If the ball lands close to the end line or the side line that the line judge is supposed to be watching, the ref looks to the line judge to call the ball inside or outside of the court. If the ball is in, the line judge puts their hands down, and if it is out, they put their arms up in the air. The line judge also looks to see if the team touches the ball on the block, or in the backrow, before the ball goes out. For example, if there was a ball that was hit and the blockers on the side of the line judge touch the ball before it lands out of bounds, the line judge puts one hand up and the other hand on top of it, kind of like a time out in basketball.

What are the names of the referee positions in football?

referee, line judge, back judge, side judge, linesman, umpire, field judge

What is a line judge in volleyball?

the person who says if the ball landed on the line.

A sentence with the word judge?

If you need a Judge just call a officer. In every football match you will need a judge.

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