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A snowboard, and perhaps snowboard boots.

You can get snowboards with buckles for normal shoes/boots, and you can get snowboards with click thingies, that you click snowboard boot into.


You need a lot of equipment for Snowboarding. Here is the equipment that is necessary: A snowboard, Snowboard boots, helmet (optional), goggles, gloves, and bindings. You need your equipment to be fitted properly or you can get badly hurt or not perform at your 110% top.
A snowboard of course, gloves so your hands don't get cold, and goggles so nothing flys in your eyes.

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For the average skier

Helmet or hat

Goggles or sunglasses

Base layer shirt

T-shirt or hoody

Ski jacket


Base layer pants


Ski socks

Ski Boots

Skis with bindings

Ski poles

that's it really, full buying guides from this and more ski equipment can be found in the link below.

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you have boots, bindings and a board

then most people just buy snowboarding pants then just wear a hoodie

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a snowboard

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Q: What equipment do you use and wear in snowboarding?
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Is there online stores available for snowboarding equipment?

Yes, there are online stores which sell snowboarding equipment. A few of these include,, and

Equipment or equipments?

it is things that you use or wear

What safeguard equipments should you wear for snowboarding?

you should wear a helmet

How much is the cost of snowboarding equipment?

it costs a lot of money

What equipment do you need for alpine snowboarding?


Where can you purchase snowboarding equipment?

One can buy snowboarding equipment in several sporting goods store such as Dick's, Sports Authority, or Play It Again. Many snowboard companies sell products online.

Where might one go to purchase Nike brand snowboarding equipment?

Snow gear and equipment can be purchased at ski shops such as REI Outlet, Sun and Ski and Black Diamond Equipment. It is also available at large outdoor oriented sporting goods retailers like Dick's Sporting Goods and Cabelas.

What do you wear snowboarding?

Snow pants, hat, gloves, boots, coat

What do Olympic snowboarders wear when snowboarding?

They will wear a "Uniform", the 2010 Vancouver games uniform was designed by Burton...