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usually you need a tee shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards, soccer socks, cleats, and a soccer ball. Some teams will give you a practice jersey which you will be expected to wear specifically for their practices.

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Q: What equipment do you need to play soccer on a traveling soccer team?
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What equipment do you need to play soccer?

You'll need shorts, t-shirt, soccer socks, soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, water incase you get thirsty.

What equipment do soccar players need to play?

Soccer ball, soccer cleats, shin gaurds, soccer socks. A field and a net too.

What equipment do you need for indoor soccer?

Field equipment needed for an indoor soccer match includes 2 soccer goals and a soccer ball. Player equipment includes indoor soccer cleats, clothing (soccer socks, shorts, jersey), and shin guards. You should never play soccer without shin guards.

What equipment do the players need in order to play soccer?

shirts,shorts,shinguards,socks,and cleats

What equipment is needed to play street soccer?

There are not many pieces of equipment that is needed to play street soccer. All that is needed is a ball, space to play and people to play with. Goals are nice but there can be homemade ones.

What equipment is needed to play soccer?

You will a ball, goalposts, boots, a kit, and somewhere to play

What are you whant for soccer?

To play soccer you need to spell better.

Do you need a degree to play soccer?


Why do you need equipment to play soccer?

You need a shirt and shorts for basic dignity, shin guards to prevent leg fractures (which still happen), and boots to protect your feet.

Can you play with blood on your equipment in soccer?

no you would be asked to change the item if it has blood on it.

Do you need a whistle to play soccer?

not to play but to be a reff yes

Do you need to be flexible to play soccer?

no, not really

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