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Jogging pass:

Split the participants into two groups. Each group will be on half of the court and each group will have their own tchoukball. Have the groups jog around in their space (does not have to be only around the perimeter). The group will then pass the ball to each other as they're randomly moving around. After the group becomes comfortable with this, add another ball, and another.

Tchoukball "lay-ups":

Split the participants into two groups. Each group will get into a line facing a frame (they will be lined up on either side of the same frame). One line is responsible for throwing the tchoukballs and the other for catching the balls after they are shot. The first thrower will make a shot, and then move to the end of the catching line. The first catcher will catch the rebound, and then pass the ball to the next person in the shooting line (the first catcher will then move to the end of the shooting line). After doing this for a while and going through the lines a couple times, switch the catching and shooting lines so that participants may practice throwing from the other side of the rebounding surface.

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In Table Tennis, you need a table, a paddle, a net, and a ping pong ball.

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To play the table tennis game we require table tennis table, tt bat, tt ball and net with net stand.

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Q: What equipment do you need in table tennis?
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