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a big penis sorry if you don't have a big one

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Q: What equipment do you need in football?
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Football players equipment and clothing?

you need a bunch of stuff .

What equipment is used in football?

The equipment used in football is a football

What is the equipment in football?

A football!!

What equipment do you need to play football?

Football Equipment ListA helment, mouthpiece, chin gaurd, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads,cleats and socks!

What do you need for sports?

What equipment you need for sports depends on the type of sports you are involved in. For football, you will need protective gear.

What equipment are used in paralympic football?

what equipment needed for the football paralympic

Why did old football equipment change?

Old football equipment changed because it was not safe for the players.

What do you need for certain sports?

equipment wise, this is what you need. soccer = shinguards baseball = mitt hockey = stick and helmet lax (lacrosse) = stick and helmet tennis = racket football = helmet basketball = you don't need equipment not equipment wise you need 1 thing SKILL!!

What equipment do you need for football?

you need a cup, helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, cleets, jersey, mouthpiece, by, nasir smith

What types of accessories are needed for football players?

Football players need a lot of accessories and equipment to play. They need a mouth guard, helmet, thigh, hip, shoulder, and knee padding, and gloves.

What is the size of the equipment in football?

The equipment size depends on the players size.

What special abilities do an athlete need?

You need to be able to hit a baseball, kick a football and catch a baseball and or football. You need to be able to run pretty fast. You also need to hold a hockey stick, last but not least wear the proper equipment.

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