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Dangerous equipment and not that much padding

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Q: What equipment did football teams use in the 1920s?
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What equipment do you use in football?

You use net bibs football and other exersizes

Do both teams use the same football in a NFL game?

No. The teams provide their own.

How many fantasy football teams are on

The number of fantasy football teams changes daily as more users sign up and create teams. There are thousands of users who use the NFL site to play fantasy football.

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What are the NFL football teams that use a horse symbol?

Denver Broncos

What signaled end of dog team meansn tranportation in lat 1920s?

The use of the Airplane signaled the end of Dog sled teams!

How do football players travel?

By bus and plane. Most professional teams have their own busses. For international games like UEFA Cup or Champions League, football teams normally travel by plane. For most league games teams will use busses. Want to see football players abroad? Go to to book football trips online.

How are basketball and football alike?

You use a ball. You run. The players get money. There are teams.

Can youth football teams use nfl logos on their helmets?

Definitley, Yes

What hotels do football teams use?

Real expensive, fancy, and big hotels

How much does it cost to play football?

With most football teams you will have to pay a fee to join the team or league, which would probably be around $150 and they will give you football equipment. You will have to put a deposit down for the gear which you will get back at the end of the season. You could buy your own gear to but that would be expensive.If your playing for highschool then sometimes they have equipment for you to use and you'll just have to cover playing fees which could range from $100-$300 depending on the school program but if you require equipment and you need to purchase it then that price is more likely to triple.

What type of football does Ohio State use?

They use Nike at home. While away they use the home teams balls.

How much does it usually cost to buy used football equipment?

One can buy them from local football teams, and there are several good websites which sell used equipment such as e.bay for "used football equipment". The condition of the equipment should obviously be questioned before purchase, and a good variety can usually be found locally, depending on pee-wee, junior high, junior or senior varsity sizes needed. An entire set for one player can cost as much as 200 dollars and as little as 75 in the local market (here in Pennsylvania, as well as sites like e.bay, etc.) Depending on the use, many schools and clubs will donate the equipment.

Why is third football kits?

There are third football kits to use if both teams have the same colour kit or neither of the teams are playing at there home ground so they are not using their home kit (1st kit)

What did the American football players use for equipment when football first became a sport?

they used rocks before the football was invented pretty cool huh?

How many people use BBC football fixtures?

Many people use BBC football fixtures. They use them to keep track of when matches are played, where their favorite team is in the rankings, and for their fantasy teams.

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What signaled the end of the use of the dog team as a mode of transportation in the late 1920s?

Dog teams have never been in wide use and they are still used in parts of Alaska and Canada today.

Do any pro football and baseball teams use the same stadium?

Oakland A's and Raiders

What are stereotypes usually based on in the work field?

Football,ect. teams use indian mascots

What type of lights do football stadiums use?

Football teams use a couple of types of lights depending on what the stadium is set up for. A few use incandescent but the vast majority today use high intensity discharge lighting.

What fabric does college football teams use for pants?

Well, probably a whole lot wicking fabric!

Why are colleges looking at extracurricular activities as a requirement for admission to their campuses?

Because they have a bunch of teams like college football and if you are good something, they can most likely use you on their teams