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what equipment needed for the football paralympic

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The equipment the Olympics people used was a snow boarding, cheerleaders swimming astronomers use telescope

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Q: What equipment are used in paralympic football?
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What is the rarest 50p paralympic?

football, handball, tennis, wrestling and wheelchair rugby

What are all of the kinds of football?

There is 5 a Side Football, futsal, beach soccer, Indoor soccer, street soccer, freestyle football. There is also paralympic football for people with disabilities.

What words that are related to sports that start with letter c?

Carts are golf sports equipment. Cleats are football equipment used in football, baseball and soccer.

What is the equipment in football?

A football!!

What type of equipment was used to play football in the 1800?

Dangerous equipment and not that much padding

What are goalkeeping gloves used for in football?

goalkeeping gloves, are a peice of equipment, that is used for extra grip, when handling the ball.

Why did old football equipment change?

Old football equipment changed because it was not safe for the players.

How much does football equipment cost?

The cost of football equipment varies greatly depending on what is bought and where it is bought. Equipment can be bought new or used, which will also change the price.

What venue will be used for ski jumping in the Olympics?

Whistler Olympic/Paralympic Park

What sports equipment begins with the letter K?

Knife is used in fishing. Kicking tee is used in football. Knee pads are used in a few sports.

Has London hosted paralympic games before?

No, London has not hosted the Paralympic Games before. The 2012 Paralympic Games will be the city's first.

Why do people refer to football equipment as football stuff?

Stuff is a general term that is used in the English language to refer to objects that can be described by another word in the sentence. The descriptive term in this case is football. Football stuff is any group of objects that have to do with football.