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yes they do kiss

i believe in episode 54 they kiss for they first time

and i think the next is when darien proposes to Serena then the next time i think is at the end in episode 200

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They do not get married in the anime show, but at the end of the last manga of Sailor Moon there is a photo of their wedding. It really bis beautiful and touching!

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Q: What episode does Serena and darien get married in?
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Does Darien love Serena?

yes Darien loves Serena he says it in episode 200.

What season and episode of Sailor Moon does darien and Serena fid out rini is their daughter?

Darien and Serena find out that Rini is their daughter in episode 76 in the English dubbed version, and episode 83 in the Japanese original.

When does darien meet serena's father?

Episode 55 for the American version Episode 61 for the Japanese version It's also the episode where they break up :)

Do dan and Serena get married in Gossip Girl?

They get married in season 6, episode 10, which is the final episode.

What sailor moon episode Serena transforms in front of darien?

It was English dub episode 30. In the original Japanese version, it was episode 34. First season, of course.

Where can you watch the episode when Serena and darien get back together?

Sailor Moon episodes can be watched on DVDs and on certain anime sites

In sailor moon what episode does darien get his memory back?

it was in crystal clear destiny apparenlt that's what ive heard in the English version of course cause darien is his English name i have no clue about japenese your right but there is another time when darien loses his memories which is after Serena defeats queen beryl and Serena loses her memory too but apparently Luna brings it back in a special way so im wondering will Luna make darien remember too? Ok, I forgot exactly which episode it was, but it was the 1 with Ann and Allen. Ann pushed Serena into the room with the Dune Tree, and it grew and grew and so on, because of Serena's energy. It captured Darien, too. Somewhere in that mess, Darien remembers everything. And I don't think he had any help from Luna, I think he just remembered on his own It happens in the English episode known as "Treed," which I believe is episode 65. Episode 59 "Treed"/"True Love Awakens! The Doom Tree's Secret"

Do Darien and Serena get back together after episode 58?

Darien (Mamoru) and Serena (Usagi) reconcile in English dub episode 77, Japanese episode 70. In the English dub episode 58, Rini (Chibiusa) attempts to use her Crystal Key to get home to the 30th century for the first time, but the attempt fails. Serena and the other Scouts want to know more about Rini and what happened, including why droids from the Black Moon seem to be after her, but Tuxedo Mask defends Rini, saying she probably has good reason to keep secrets. This adds to the tension Serena feels towards Rini, because it seems as though Darien likes Rini more than he likes Serena anymore, and she is not sure why.

What episode of sailor moon does darien dump Serena?

Episode 55 "the Cosmetic Caper". It's in the second part of the R season, where Birdie commandeers a cosmetics shop.

Is Serena in love with you?

She loves Darien. that answer is incorrect

What episode does rini become old?

Rini is a character from Sailor Moon, the daughter of Serena and Darien. Rini first appears as an older version of herself, or Wicked Lady, in episode 78.

What episode did darien and Serena make up on sailor moon?

They make up in Episode 77 for the Japanese version Episode 71 for the English version :)