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A carbohydrase can be used to convert starch syrup into sugar syrup.

An enzyme called isomerase can convert glucose in sugar syrup

into fructose syrup. Fructose is much sweeter than glucose.

A small amount of fructose in a food can replace a larger amount of glucose

without losing the sweet taste.

This is useful in preparing slimming food since a small amount of fructose

is less fattening than a larger amount of glucose.

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Q: What enzymes are used in slimming foods?
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What uses of extracellular enzymes in industries?

they are used in making babay foods and slimming aids.

What are the disadvantages of using isomerase in slimming foods?

Enzymes are easily destroyed by high temperatures, they denature at around 40 degrees C

Why is frucose and not glucose used for slimming foods?

Because glucose is assimilated in a facilitated way.

What is the main chemical used to digest foods are?


What foods are enzymes?

No foods are enzymes, but all foods start out having enzymes. These foods are fermented foods and produce in its raw state.

Why are enzymes use foods?

Enzymes are used in food to break it down, and make it easier to digest.

Why is fructose rather than glucose used in slimming foods?

it tastes sweeter and has less calories than glucose

Do slimming teas work - having used Acai-aslim and Wu yi slimming tea there has been no noticeable change in digestion is this normal?

Give up the Acai and Wu Yi if you see no results after 2-3 months. If you need help with digestion. I'd recommend getting 2 colonics right away. After that start to consume live/raw foods that have enzymes intact. You'll start to lose weight right away because the live foods will actually detox you.

What breaks down food into simple substances?

Enzymes are used to break down foods. Some enzymes are: Amylase for carbohydrates. Protease for proteins. Lipase for fats.

Why are fruits and vegetables useful to anyone on a slimming diet?

1) They have a lot of bulk with relatively few calories. 2) They may be used to replace less-healthy foods (processed and junk foods).

What are the disadvantages of enzymes in baby food?

They're not. Protease enzymes are used in baby foods to break down large proteins into amino acids, making them easier to digest. They're not. Protease enzymes are used in baby foods to break down large proteins into amino acids, making them easier to digest.

Do enzymes work better on larger foods or smaller foods?

Enzymes do not necessarily work better on smaller or larger foods. Enzymes work better when food is broken up or chewed and the enzymes are allowed to circulate freely around the food.