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Q: What enrygy has a basketball rolling across a flat floor?
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A basketball rolling across a flat floor has energy?

A basketball rolling across a flat floor has translational and rotational kinetic energy. There's a force of gravity pulling the ball down towards the floor, and a reaction force pushing the ball up away from the floor.

What form of energy does marbles rolling across the floor?


What are some examples of rolling friction?

a ball rolling across the floor ( a flat surface) you rolling down a hill rocks rolling down hill etc. hope this helped ronkkiki

What is ROTF texting?

Rolling On The Floor

Rolling on the floor laughing?

Rolling on the Floor Laughing.... ROTFL

What does rotflol mean?

ROFLOL= Rolling on the floor laughing out loud

Name two tools that would be necessary to determine the speed of a ball rolling slowly across the floor?

Stopwatch and measuring device.

What is the strongest type of friction?

There are four types of friction: Fluid Friction (The friction caused by falling through air or water, or any other liquid etc), rolling friction (Like a ball rolling across the floor), static friction (The force it takes to begin something's movement), and sliding friction(Like pushing a box across the floor). In order of strongest to weakest it's Static, Sliding, Rolling, Fluid.

What is the predicate in this sentence The baby crawls across the floor?

The predicate in this sentence is across the floor. :)

What happen when a ball rolling across the floor shows to stop?

When it stops it stops. Inertia will stop it from moving unless there is some force acting on it.

What does ROFL mean while texting?

ROFL:Roll on floor laughing. Lol: Laugh out loud. Lmao: Laugh my a** off Gtg or G2g:Got to go Brb:Be right back Idc:I don't care idgaf: I don't give a f*** Idk:I don't know Hbu: How about u.

What does rotfl mean on facebook?

It stands for Rolling On The Floor Laughing, usually used in instant-messaging.