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The main energy system used while playing tennis is Aerobic Acid.

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Q: What energy system is used when playing tennis?
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Is phosphocreatine the predominant energy system used in Tennis?

The Alactic energy systems are primarily used in tennis, about 70% of a tennis match, the performer will be using PCr system. So the answer is yes, as ATP/PCr system falls under the Alactic category.

What is the predominant energy system used in strength activities?

ATP/PC system (Phosphocreatine system) are predominantly used in strength activities such as a weight-lifter or a tennis serve.

What surfaces are NOT used for playing tennis?

gravel ?

What are guys balls used for?

Footballs are used in playing football. Baseballs are used in playing baseball. Soccer balls are used in playing soccor. Tennis balls are used for playing tennis. Golf balls are used in playing golf. Ping pong balls are used to play beer pong. Women often use each kind of ball also.

Energy systems used by tennis players?


What two organ systems are used for playing soccer?

one of them is the Respiratory system because thats the system that provides energy for your body

If your in a square circle what sport are you playing?

You could be playing four square, or, perhaps tennis or basketball. However, you could say the courts used for tennis and basketball are rectangles.

What are the energy systems being used when playing basketball?

CP System- Creatine Phosphate Lactic acid system- Produces lactic acid Aerobic system- Efficent producer of energy

What is the energy system used in badminton?

Phosphagen energy system, glycolytic or lactic acid energy system and the oxygen energy system.

Is the tennis scoring system used in any other sports or is it unique to tennis?

The scoring system of tennis is unique and is only used in this sport. The scoring used is love (0), 15, 30, 40 & game. There are also areas of deuce (when the score is 40-40) and then add-in & add-out.

What organs are used in tennis?

In tennis, the primary organs used are the muscles / skin, the heart, the brain, the lungs, and the liver (lthe Iver helps to regulate energy and calories).

What is the predominantly used energy system in water-polo?

is the predominantly used energy system used in a game of Water-polo

What is scientific about tennis?

When playing tennis, the arm is used as a 3rd class lever. Also, you can research how the human body reacts to such strenuous sporting activity.

True or false in tennis is the alley used only while playing doubles?


What energy systems are used in field hockey?

creatine phosphate energy system, latic acid energy system and aerobic energy system

The energy system used in a long jump?

Creatine Phosphate energy system (0-20s) Immediate energy

Who was playing tennis when new roof first used at Wimbledon?

Dinara Safina and Amelie Mauresmo

What are the body parts used while playing table tennis?

legs arms and a paddle its simple

What is the predominant energy system used in Australian rules?

What is the predominantly used energy system in Australian rules football game

What type of energy is used when playing softball?

The body uses the anaerobic energy system when playing softball. A sport that does explosive skills or any burst of movement is anaerobic. Batting, Pitching, throwing, sprinting or quick charge to the ball are all anaerobic movements.

Why do they call tennis shoes tennis shoes?

The phrase "tennis shoes" was historically used to indicate a shoe used for recreation. Later came versions such as gym shoe, court shoe, running shoe, etc. In this day and age, the term no longer means actually playing tennis. It is more of a nicer term for "sneaker".

In what situation does your body use anaerobic and aerobic?

to keep it simple, short and sweet, look at it this way..... Anearobic= without oxygen aerobic= with oxygen a footballer, when playing, will use his/her aerobic energy system and his/her anerobic energy system. a 100m sprinter on the other hand will use only his/her anerobic systems where as a marathon runner will use there aerobic energy system more. your aerobic energy system is used for the long haul run where as you anerobic energy system will be used for your "Quick" bursts.

What kind of gear is used in tennis?

The main equipment used in tennis are your tennis racquet (with a grip and strings), tennis shoes and apparel, and a tennis ball. If you're not playing against a wall you will also need a partner or 3 more players for doubles. Other tennis equipment includes, overgrips, dampeners, string savers, wrist and headbands, hats, visors, towels, bags, and much more. To learn more about tennis equipment visit

What the difference between old and new tennis balls?

Old tennis balls have been used before, causing them to be worn in. New tennis balls have never been used before and easier to play with. It takes experience playing tennis to be able to tell the differences in old and new balls while playing. Otherwise, you can just tell by sight. New tennis balls are a very bright neon color and very firm, where old ones are darker in color and usually have less fuzz on them. Older tennis balls may also be slightly deflated.

Is it true that lactic energy system is used for fast short sprints?

Yes, the lactic energy system is used for the fast short sprints.